Friday, March 15, 2013

Seven Quick Takes


My kids have Spring Fever. I have Spring Fever. The countdown to Holy Week, when we take 2 weeks off from school, has begun and the fact we took off last week for Spring Break is totally irrelevant!


Do your kids eat erasers? Why do mine insist on eating their erasers and even pulling off the metal caps off the top of their pencils that hold the erasers?!? I'm looking forward to the end of school even if only to spare the erasers!


Last week, Disney's Wreck-It Ralph came out on DVD/BluRay. To keep the kids busy while I unpacked last weekend and recovered from our trip, we bought it. They ask to watch it every single day. They LOVE this movie unlike anything I've seen from them before when it comes to a movie. It really does have something for everyone from the rough wrecker Ralph to the cute nice guy Felix, the touch sharp-shooting Calhoun and the adorable, sweet Vanelope. 80s kids like myself enjoy finding video game characters throughout the film we knew from our childhood and even the music is catching. The ONLY things we aren't fond of for our kids is a video game zombie whose "heart" gets pulled out (how does a zombie have a pumping heart anyway?) and one very addictive song with the words "shut up" in it. Otherwise, loving it!


After we got back, I gave Brigid a much needed bath and weighed her. She weighed 10 pounds, 1 ounce. 

How is she getting so big so fast?!?!?


It has been a rough school week, and when I say rough, I mean slow and dragging. Part of that is retuning from vacation, part is Spring fever and part is all the excitement of the conclave. We revolved our school days on Tuesday and Wednesday around the conclave. 

Wednesday, for reasons I won't bore you with, I had to run to the mall, by myself, with all five kids. So, when no smoke appeared by 12:45, we bolted to the mall and made it back five minutes before 2pm. It takes me at least 5 minutes just to get all the kids into the house. So, just after 2pm, I had Cecilia chanting at me, "Mom, come, quick! There's going to be smoke any second! It's coming! I know it!!!" 

I knew there would be smoke of course, but I didn't actually expect it to be white. Oh my goodness was there excitement in this house when the smoke was white! All three of of the older girls began running around the house announcing, "We have a pope!" We have a pope!" We have a pope!"

Cecilia even grabbed my little Vatican flag and made a sign to wave and run around the house with.


My first reaction to the new pope was a simple, "Who?" I had never heard of him before, never seen him before and knew nothing about him. It actually sent me into a bit of an emotional roller coaster... "My knew Holy Father is who? I'm supposed to have warm regard for who? I need to get to know him first. Wait, who?" I had never really run into this before and I just hadn't seen it coming. I was born after JPII was elected and I was already fairly familiar with Ratzinger before he was elected. And, truth be told, I've never been overly fond of St. Francis either. I don't have anything against him per se, but he hasn't been one of my favorites either, so that didn't help me either.


That said, from the slew of pictures, articles and videos of seen of him in the last 2 days, he is growing on me. He certainly seems like a gentle, warm soul who is intelligent and caring and I'm eager to see how his papacy progresses. I'm still getting used to the name Pope Francis, but if you are a fan of St. Francis and think you could help me like him better, I'm all ears! Why do you like St. Francis?

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  1. How nice to "meet" you. I saw your blog through another blog and just love the pictures of your sweet babies and I love their names!

  2. Katherin, I just read a really good biography of St Francis with my book club and you might be interested in it. It was really short and took just a few days to finish, so it wouldn't be a huge investment of your time. The book is Francis of Assisi: A New Biography by Augustine Thompson, O.P. (Yeah, a Dominican writing a biography of the founder of the Franciscans.) Thompson is quite the scholar, though he tucks all the notes away at the end, making it easy to just read the biography section of the book through without worrying about those details if you dont want to mess with it. The notes do explain why he approached the various sources in the way he did, which he thinks are authoritative and which more legendary. Anyway, the Francis he portrays isn't the stereotype you might think of when you hear Francis. There are hardly any animal stories, and the focus is on how Francis was inspired to choose several Gospel passages about poverty and live them literally. But the focus of Francis' spirituality, especially later in his life, is not poverty but the Eucharist. In his final exhortation to the brothers the only time Francis mentions poverty is when he talks about the poverty of the Word who took on the pains and sufferings of human flesh. I plan to write a review of the book soon. Even more so now that there will probably be a renewed interest in all things Francis. Anyway, you might check it out if you are interested in seeing a slightly different side of the popular saint, one that I found very intriguing and endearing.

  3. My kids eat erasers! It is so frustrating because we'll have a bunch of nice pretty brand new pencils, freshly sharpened, then before the end of the morning, no erasers on them. :)

    I didn't actually expect white smoke on Wednesday either! I was shocked, shocked when I clicked over and it was billowing out of the chimney! Then it hit me: WE HAVE A POPE! :) My kids were super excited as well, such a joy to watch.

  4. Hi Kari, it's a pleasure to "meet" you too. Thanks. I just visited your blog... you have adorable kids... I'm sure the fourth will be as well and I look forward to seeing what other awesome name you choose! Hope you are feeling well!

    Melanie, I will have to look it up. Yes, the stereotypes get tiresome and perhaps by some even abused. It almost seems like he can become more of a caricature too often which makes it harder for me to like him. I'll have to look up that book. Maybe James can borrow it from his school's library. Thanks!

    Beth, I'm so glad to know it isn't just mine!!! And so sorry about your erasers.