Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Belated Easter/Birthday Post

Our Easter Weekend was a bit busy.

A month or so ago, Cecilia asked me, "Are circuses real?"

So, of course, the homeschooling mom in me said, "Field trip!"

And on Holy Saturday, we went to the circus: Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus: Dragons.

I had trouble getting decent pictures with the darkness and the lights and all. I LOVED the horses - SO beautiful!

I had to give the lion/tiger tamer credit. There was one lioness who was really in a bad mood and seemed to be interested in putting him in his place. 

The acrobats were good, the elephants neat, the dogs cute and the cats beautiful. All in all, a nice show and everyone enjoyed it. My only criticisms were 1st Mariner Arena which seemed to have been designed to only seat midgets who don't drink anything, the volume, and one brief but inappropriate song. Sometimes it was so loud I couldn't even make out the lyrics and after 2 hours of it, I needed medication. 

Easter Sunday the girls got their Easter Baskets. Each got some books, bubbles, a few new dresses, a toy or two and, of course, chocolate.

I thought the We Have A Pope book was particularly appropriate. :)

Brigid got a St. Brigid's Cross to hang over her bed and a couple of candles to help make her nap time more enjoyable. James had taken Cecilia and Felicity to the Vigil and I took Elizabeth and Teresa to Mass that morning. I felt really, really bad that Brigid did not get to Mass for her First Easter but I really could not have handled Teresa and Brigid without James. Teresa is just too much of a handful and kept me quite busy throughout Mass. 

After we got home, the girls had two egg hunts - one downstairs that James and I did and one upstairs that my parents did. Needless to say, by the end, they had enough chocolate to free hostages. After we had a little time to rest, my mom put together a delicious ham dinner, which, of course, none of my kids really ate since they were all full of chocolate but, hey, it left more for us! :)

Teresa's Easter basket was a little thinner than her bigger sisters, but it was tough to balance for her considering Easter Sunday was also Teresa's 2nd Birthday! So, after dinner, we sang Happy Birthday and, because no one had had enough sugar yet, we had cake! 

I tried to decorate her cake to be Bob the Tomato. I admit cake decorating isn't one of my strengths, at least not at 9:30pm after a full day at the circus. But, in the end, it wasn't too bad. 


Teresa LOVES rubber duckies, so she got several books with rubber duckies as well as a new one for her bath, a new VeggieTales DVD, a bubble machine and some Sofia the First figurines.

She also got this beauty from my mom and dad of the reception of Holy Eucharist by Saint Teresa of Avila, her namesake. 

 It was a fun weekend and a lovely Easter but I'm glad there is some nice distance between Teresa's birthday and Easter next year. It makes for one busy weekend.

Happy Easter! He is Risen!!! And Happy 2nd Birthday to my darling bundle-of-trouble Teresa!

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