Friday, April 19, 2013

Seven Quick Takes


Two weeks ago, Brigid had what seems to have been a 3 month growth spurt. Almost immediately afterwards, however, she began struggling with reflux. My baby who always slept so well, was so calm and so happy, was now waking screaming in agony and spitting up like crazy. I took her to the doctor's and got a prescription for Zantac. She was to receive .8 mL twice a day. But the syringe the pharmacy gave me holds up to 5 mL. It was so big, I had trouble getting it in her little mouth much less getting it towards the back to hope she would actually swallow some of it.

James went to the pharmacy to ask for or buy a smaller syringe. Not only do they not sell them, they don't have them at all. He was told by the pharmacist that due to parents ODing their kids on infant medicines, they would no longer be making the concentrated dosages and would be making the droppers bigger. So I improvised. I took an old ibuprofen dropper and transferred the correct dosage from one dropper to the other and marked it with a permanent marker. Now I can actually get it in her mouth. I recommend any moms of infants or toddlers out there to consider hanging onto your infant medicine droppers simply because they are so small and easier to use.


Oh, and Brigid happily now sleeps like this :)


Brigid's head control has gotten quite good. She is maneuvering quite well and pulls her head up if I pull her up by her hands.

So I thought I'd give the Bumbo a try. For the most part, she liked it. She got to watch everyone the same way they watch her. 

Then Teresa began climbing on my back and she watched in confused and cautious silence...

It's okay, Brigid, Teresa can have that effect on anyone smaller than she is. 


Our school year is slowly winding down. I didn't realize I had planned to end so early this year. I schedule around the liturgical year, so I generally schedule through June, maybe into early July depending on the grade. But this year I scheduled buffer weeks just in case I needed them after Brigid's birth. But I had such a fast and easy recovery, I didn't need them and it was just as well anyway as the girls had already had a month off for Christmas, but now I'm thinking some more breaks were definitely in order. Oh well. 

Cecilia has math, phonics, english, handwriting, and spelling left to finish and Felicity has 14 reading lessons left. 


As I've been planning for next year, I've come to think I do need to organize this coming year better and more efficiently than before and I need to make it less strenuous in general. It was one thing for me to teach one child beyond kindergarten but next year Cecilia will be in 3rd grade and Felicity in 1st. Pretending for a moment that the then 4 year old, 2 year old and baby won't interrupt, how to juggle 1st and 3rd grade together has been a question I've been grappling with. 

I spoke to a few homeschooling moms who wisely advise grouping some subjects so that some things I can teach them both together. I am definitely going to do music and art with both girls, but I've been told moms sometimes also do science, history and religion with more than one grade. I just don't see how I'd practically do those subjects considering Cecilia will be 2 years advanced over Felicity in all of them and there isn't anything significant Cecilia has learned that Felicity should just skip over. I'm all ears though if anyone has any ideas?


A picture came across Facebook of really near home renovation DIY ideas. I love this family planner idea!
Anyone want to build me one?


I bought a typing program for Cecilia to use next year to begin learning to type. She was so excited she nagged and begged me to install it. I finally put it on my computer this week and she has begged repeatedly to use it. She loves it. I've had her do math pages just so she could practice typing. I love her self motivation. 

She is using the Typing Instructor for Kids. The only thing she doesn't like is how it times her. I completely get why they need to time her since mistakes and speed are really the two ways to see how well one types, but she hates seeing the time run out so sometimes I'll hop in and type a bit quickly to get her more time so she can just practice stress free. 


Prayers for those in Boston on Monday and today and those in West, Texas. Prayers for all emergency professionals and those working to keep us safe. Prayers for an end to the situation in Boston without any more death. 

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  1. Glad Brigid is feeling better! Was just talking to my husband about bringing out the Bumbo soon for Caitlin.

  2. Brigid has the cutest, chubbiest face!!

  3. I have been keeping the infant ibuprofen dropper for the same reason! So annoying!