Friday, May 10, 2013

Seven Quick Takes


Well, our root viewing planter grew rather nicely. 

The radishes especially. The others seem slow going, but I think the fact the girls dumped all the seeds in the packets into a few holes per veggie might be having something to do with that... sibling rivalry and all. 


Inspired by Wreck-It Ralph, we tested the Mentos drop in soda experiment. Coke went about 3 feet in the air but Diet Coke definitely works best - a whopping 6 feet!


Some days Teresa takes a nap, some days she doesn't. And some days I just never know what will happen. Like this day...

when she fell asleep standing up.

I did manage to lay her on the sofa and changer her diaper without waking here. Always an adventure...


After three weeks, I finally completed the City of Jerusalem work for our home atrium. Boy was it a pain but I think it turned out pretty well.

In hindsight, plaster of paris was not the best choice since it hardens quite heavy. So I recommend sculpey or some other similar modeling clay. 

But I put felt on the bottoms of both pieces, so they should stay on the floor and the girls can slide them as necessary.


We had some extra large boxes and quite a few rainy days. So, naturally...

Car racing ensued. 


My dad will be taking Cecilia and Felicity camping providing cicadas don't ruin everything. To test out the tent and the girls though, we did a trial run in the back yard.

Happy to say all went well and the girls are stoked for their first camping trip!


Due to the overwhelming victories of the knots, I gave the girls a hair trim. It was much needed, but I was in a rush to get Teresa to bed and trimmed more than I meant to. I'm still getting used to the new lengths, but overall they came out well. 

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