Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday, Elizabeth!

How is it, that even after planning for weeks for one of my kid's birthdays, they still manage to surprise and shock me when that child reaches that age? My 3rd child is now 4? Wait, what? How did that happen? And how is it that it did not register in my brain all those times we were planning for it or, more often, she was asking about it and counting down to it?

Regardless, Elizabeth celebrated her 4th Birthday party last weekend. She won't be actually 4 until next Monday, but in order for her godparents and best friends to be able to both celebrate with her, we improvised a little. 

Elizabeth requested a party themed around the Pixar movie Brave. Our local bakery made a delicious chocolate on chocolate cake as Elizabeth requested with the celtic designs on top and the forest on the outside. We used Elizabeth's Brave figurines around the outside.

The shiest and quietest I think I've ever seen her. 

Beautiful and Delicious!

I'm afraid I don't have any photos of all the time the kids spent playing or the adults spent chatting... I was busy enjoying myself. But I snagged a few when she opened her presents.

Cecilia is my little show case artist. She is a pro at holding up any gift and displaying it for everyone to see and it doesn't matter if it is her gift or not. 

Elizabeth had been begging and begging for a little piggy bank she could decorate like Felicity had. This was when she realized she got one. So cute. 

Cecilia wanted to showcase Elizabeth's Sofia the First dress up crown on Elizabeth. I don't think she enjoyed playing the model. LOL. 

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  1. Right on with the Sonic shirt!


    Happy birthday! The baker did an amazing job with the cake (the figures were a nice touch... heh!).

    Woo hoo!!!