Thursday, July 4, 2013

Just Keep Swimming...

Generally, unless I'm too pregnant and expecting a newborn, I ask the girls once a season what activity they might like to do or try or learn. They've done ice skating and gymnastics and Cecilia and Felicity had done swimming once almost 3 years ago. But swimming is one of those skills I insist they learn. Unlike many wonderful and useful and beautiful skills, I consider swimming a life skill. It can, quite literally, save your life. And it will give me some peace of mind when my kids are around or in water to know they can tread water and swim safely. So, I didn't even give them the option this summer. They were going to swimming lessons whether they wanted to or not. Fortunately, they all wanted to. :)

Felicity and Elizabeth are in the same group. 

Felicity seems to really enjoy the water and is fairly comfortable in it. She floats well on her back, loves to blow bubbles, is happy to practice kicking and "scooping" with her arms.

Elizabeth is definitely improving from the little girl who wouldn't leave the stairs, but she is still afraid of the water. She does try very hard though. 

Sometimes the instructor has to remind her to stay in the water.

But she is a brave soldier who keeps trying and is improving with each lesson.

Cecilia is in a separate group for 6 to 10 year olds. Being only 7, several of the kids are bigger than her. The group has 2 other girls, two sister who both seem sweet but quiet, and 4 boys who tend to be loud and very physical (duh, they're boys!). Cecilia tends to hang out with the boys. When I asked her why, she said, "The boys do fun stuff. The girls just like to talk." Sums up Cecilia fairly well. 

Cecilia was eager to be swimming when she began but always hesitant and afraid. She has though greatly improved in her courage in jumping into the water, going under the water, holding her breath under water and practicing strokes. Backstroke is her favorite (she still prefers not to have her face in the water).

7 lessons down and 14 to go before school start and all the girls are really enjoying it. I'm hoping they make much more progress before our school year begins in August. 

I really think putting their faces under water would be much easier for Cecilia and Felicity if they could master using goggles. Cecilia tries but she gets moody at me when I remind her they need to be snug and shouldn't have her hair in them. Felicity just gets so frustrated trying to put them on she hasn't even experienced them in the water yet. They seem to make goggles a bit differently now than when I was on the swim team a couple of decades ago. Now the nosepieces are either harder to adjust or not adjustable at all. Do they make separate kids goggles now? 

I've taken the three of them to the pool by myself to give them some extra time in the water, but it can be tricky watching 3 mostly non-swimmers by myself, especially when they are your own children and prone to not listening to you. To try and improve their swimming though, I'm hoping to take each one to the pool individually once a week to give them some extra one-on-one time in the pool to help them practice and build confidence. 

Anyway, I have a number (10!) of more videos of the girls swimming I will get up once I snag James' log in for his extra storage space on vimeo. :) They aren't long but I'm hoping to post another update after the last of their summer swimming lessons and see a nice improvement. Just keep swimming!

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