Thursday, July 4, 2013


My poor neglected blog. But it isn't all my fault. For the last week my computer has been deceased. It had been acting bonkers. As in not going to sleep so it was up all night. Insomnia. Oh, and it would move insanely slow... I swore I was back 15 years ago dialing into AOL or something. So about a week ago, I finished doing everything I was working on and shut it down and James moved it to his office to take a look at it. He backed it up. Wiped it clean. And then tried to boot it. And immediately it threw a desperate fit that the hard drive was dying. 

My 24" iMac is no longer under warrantee but when it was under warrantee only last year Apple already replaced most of the inside of the computer. So it seemed a real waste to just get a new one with so much in good condition even if with a dead hard drive. 

So James ordered a new hard drive - a bit tricky since my computer is no longer made. And earlier this week he, assisted by me, performed surgery on my computer transplanting the old hard drive for a new one. 

And voila! Resurrected computer! So. I'm back. Posts coming. :)

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