Friday, July 5, 2013

Seven Quick Takes - July 4th Edition


As American Heritage Girls, Cecilia and Felicity marched in their first parade yesterday. 

They helped decorate the van and trailer and then had a couple of donuts before the parade began.

Cecilia is to the right of the center in the pink hat. Felicity is just behind her carrying the grocery bag of toys to hand hand out to viewers.

Elizabeth and Teresa rode through the parade eating lollipops that were given to their older sisters. 

I pushed Brigid in her stroller through the parade as well. So, all of us marched the just-over-2-miles route. Needless to say, by the end we were all hot, tired, thirsty and hungry. 


After we got home, James fired up the grill and we had Nathan's hotdogs with Nathan's fries and Bush's Baked Beans. 

As a native New Yorker, I miss Nathan's but now not only can you buy their hotdogs in stores but their fries as well and oh boy are they good! Add that smoked flavor and grill marks to the hotdogs and it was a delicious and well-earned Independence Day lunch!


One of my favorite floats from the parade:
Here in Maryland, there is a tax for anyone owning property for when it rains. Yep, they tax the rain here. Basically it is a set amount for the square feet of property that is not natural. So any concrete, asphalt, etc. that would aid run off and somehow destroy the Chesapeake Bay. The idea was started by the EPA but apparently Virginia sued so they didn't have to pay anything whereas Maryland said, "OH, OH, OH, Another tax opportunity?!?! Sign us up!" They really never miss a chance. Maryland is so pathetically, desperately trying to become the next California. 

Yes, the cloud did rain on the house and periodically shot water out onto the car pulling it and the area around it. I thought it was very clever and Teresa really, really wanted to play in it.


Oh, and it took me 11 days but I sewed all 32 patches onto Cecilia's and Felicity's vest in time for the parade!

Felicity's is on the left and Cecilia's is on the right.

Aren't the rosary patches huge?!? They are pretty though, even if they do make it harder to fold the vests now. :)


It has been a little Easter outside my window this week! (An especially nice reminder for what true independence is and to whom we owe our greatest debt.)

First my Easter Lilies bloomed!

Then my Pink Lilies bloomed!

This is especially exciting because I can't keep a plant alive for anything! These survived simply because we planted them outside and took them out of my care, but still, they survived! And are so pretty outside my window.


Unfortunately, not all our plants are doing so well. You see, about a week ago I discovered these hideous worm things on our hydrangeas:

Disgusting aren't they? Green worms devouring the hydrangeas. And this is just one of their nests.

There were about a total of a dozen in the area.

But they don't stay worms. Oh no. They turn into these suckers:

Japanese Beetles! And these things are swarming all over many of our trees, eating every leaf until the branch is black, bare and falls off. 

Needless to say, spraying is ensuing regularly for the next month or so to kill any and all of them before they descend underground to lay their eggs. Ugh. So gross!


I think the construction behind our house is just about to get really interesting. After this

And this

They are almost finished building the basement of the house.

They finished the basic structure of the walls last week and this morning were pouring the concrete floor in, both for the basement and the garage. So we should really start to see this rising in the next week or two, which should be really neat to watch. So far it has been bulldozers and dirt or rebar and concrete but soon we should be seeing the wood going up and the house really taking shape. As long as they let Brigid nap when she needs to, it is like a mini summer adventure!


I so almost completely forgot to add this one. One member of our family is celebrating her own independence this week. Have you guessed it?

Yes, Brigid, who will not be 6 months old until Monday, is crawling. 

Happy Independence Day!

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  1. Looks like a great 4th!
    Crawling, wow! Caitlin is sitting well independently but is nowhere near crawling.

  2. Congratulations on your girls earning the Rosary Achievements!