Friday, August 9, 2013

Just Keep Swimming, Cecilia

Cecilia began swimming excited but also scared. And, as you saw in previous posts, she got a bit emotional about levels and advancing. She did enjoy it though and did make a lot of progress.

When she first began, she would only jump in if someone caught her. Her instructor, a sweetheart named Salina, would actually stand on a drain in the pool until just before Cecilia would jump and then take a step back... Cecilia just jumped farther to make sure she caught her. But now she will just jump in and swim to the side without anyone even taking her hand!

Now she loves it!

When she first tried a sitting dive, she wouldn't do it without her instructor holding her and guiding her through. Now she will do it on her own. She also isn't scared anymore to practice kneeling dives.

She can kick the whole length of the pool, pretty quickly too.

She has also gotten much better using her arms while kicking and practicing rotary breathing.

She is very good at floating on her back as well, though she still likes someone to hold her. She really has all the skills necessary to advance but she has a lot of trepidation. She is afraid of drowning and so she moves more slowly to doing things by herself. But, as you can see, she is definitely getting there and has made a lot of progress.

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