Saturday, August 17, 2013

Just Keep Swimming, Felicity

As improved as Cecilia and Elizabeth are, Felicity out swims them both. She has just taken off and become my little fish. Or mermaid as she prefers I call her.

Felicity began basically in the same place as Elizabeth. Now she swims without any float or pack whatsoever. She kicks like a champ instead of her exhausting bicycling motion, she uses her arms and she puts her face in the water while she is swimming!

Such a huge, huge improvement from where she began. Now when we go to the pool, she just has so much fun. She is generally my bravest girl (she's the only one so far that likes roller coasters) and now she just jumps in and swims! If she would wear goggles I think she'd love it even more, but I haven't been able to get her to keep them on yet.

She has become an absolute pro at floating on her back too!

She practices elementary backstroke well... chicken, plane, soldier, chicken, plane soldier.

She continues to try to push her boundaries. Even when we go swimming now just me with the girls, she jumps in to touch the bottom and trying to swim under other people (she hasn't quite got that one down yet), trying to see how far she can swim before needing to grab the wall or me, back and forth, back and forth.

I've booked lessons for Felicity and Elizabeth to continue in September and October. Unfortunately private lessons aren't an option for Cecilia until October, but maybe a break from lessons will be beneficial for her.

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