Friday, August 23, 2013

Seven Quick Takes: Cleaning Off My Desktop Edition

I have these videos and pictures that I have wanted to post but none are substantial enough to make much of an individual post. Add that to the fact I've only been able to upload so much vimeo video per week, and they've accumulated. Hence this week's quick takes:

1. For months now this cardinal has been doing this. I had to search online to figure out why. There is nothing inside the front of our car - we checked. This genius simply thinks his reflection in the chrome is another cardinal and he wants to show him(self) who is boss! 

2. Brigid now pulls herself up standing all over the place and she tries to use anything from curtains to the corner of a chair. She has only just begun to get the gist of how to get down without tumbling all over the place. Rather than squatting to go down though, she pulls one leg under and gets on her knee and then lowers herself down. Amazing how adaptable babies are.

3. I went through all our February through July pictures and ordered prints and stumbled across this "video" I took back in March. There is nothing wrong with the "video", there is nothing to see. It is just darkness, but if you listen you can hear Brigid's newborn hiccups. I love them. She sounds like the most adorable drunk chipmunk!

4. I bought canvas bins to keep each girls' coloring books in since Teresa's claim to color in anyone's book was resulting in quite a bit of anxiety. Each girl got their favorite color except Teresa as I've no idea what her favorite color is. This has definitely helped limit Teresa's coloring book mess. Now she only pulls off her own books. And then she usually just climbs into her bin herself. It has definitely helped keep her out of everyone else's coloring books though!

Now just to figure out how to organize all the arts and crafts stuff. 

5. The girls have been hooked on the music from the Tinker Bell movie. Teresa has grown to like it so much she dances to it and even sings part of it. I was fortunate to sneakily get some video!

6. It is pretty rare I get all 5 girls in any one photo. One is always napping somewhere or another melting down or another frolicking off on her own... it isn't easy to get them all in one place without belting them into car seats. So this was a bit of a treat for me. All five quietly and peacefully eating muffins together. <3 melt.="" nbsp="" p="">

7. Okay, that actually is everything off my desktop. You can see why I don't do a quick takes every week. So, for #7, since today is my feast day - Blessed Feast of St. Rose de Lima!!! - I'm gonna include these two little gems I saw on Facebook today to finish:

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  1. Happy Feast Day! Also I just love the quote at the top of your blog.