Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cleaning Up

Okay, so, I noticed that there were blogs in my blog roll that hadn't posted in 2013. Yeah, it had been a while since I cleaned my blog. Heck my welcome still said I had only 4 children.

So I finally sat down and updated the list of links and blogs. Yes, I actually do follow all these blogs. At least for the moment. A few I am still uncertain if they will remain, but at the moment I am keeping them. I do think there are a few too many as it is just hard to keep up with so many. How many do you keep up with? How do you discern if a blog is one you will keep up with or not?


  1. I put them in my reader...some I gloss over to see if any of the titles or first couple of sentences grab me. Others, who I know time and again have proved good I always read the entire article. And for those that don't comment much (I use as my reader) they only show up when something new is published. It's complicated, and yes, there are days when all are marked read and none are actually read but I get more out of it that way.

  2. I'm like Kristen. I put things into Feedly now that Google Reader is dead. On average I go through and read things every couple of days. There are some blogs I click on every day. Others I click on once or twice a week or only when the title of a blog post grabs me. I have no idea what the total number of blogs I'm subscribed to is. Pretty big, though, since there are some in the list that have been defunct for years. And yes, I've been known to mark all as read when it's clear I've been skipping over the posts for weeks.

    These days there are a bunch of blogs I end up at because I follow the authors on Facebook and I click on the links to their posts there. Often I mark all as read on those blogs when I go to Feedly.

    Generally when I find myself consistently skipping all posts in a blog, I decide it's not one I'm interested in following any longer and I delete it from my reader. I add a blog after I've visited several times and liked everything I've seen or when I've been lured into reading a bunch of blogs posts in a row or found myself very engaged in what the writer has to say so that I've left a bunch of comments. There are a lot of blogs I admire but don't follow because a majority of posts are just pictures of their kids and I don't feel any real affinity with the blogger. There are some blogs I follow that are mostly pictures of their kids but because I have some kind of connection those posts interest me too. Mostly, though I love blogs that give me something to think about and that give me suggestions of things to read, either books or articles or other blogs.

  3. I have a few, like yours, that I tend to gravitate towards on at least a weekly basis. The others I'll cycle through once a month (given they usually update a lot less than folks like you). Then, there are two I check LoL. Even when they don't update, I'm always hoping they do. Usually their entries are super short, so I can get away with checking daily because their entries aren't going to take away a big part of my day (which seems silly given my posts are always monstrosities).