Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Modern Art v. Toddler Art (and Kid Art)

A link has been going around to a quiz where you can see just how well you can tell the difference between modern art and toddler art.

Head on over and have fun. I got a score of 6. I'm terrible when it comes to modern art.

But I think some of these could have tripped others up too:

By Elizabeth

By Teresa

By Teresa

By Elizabeth

By Elizabeth

Now maybe everyone would recognize these as toddler or little kid art, but at least the artists of these don't complain if I've pictured them upside-down. :)

Elizabeth and Teresa had fun painting while Cecilia and Felicity painted their reliefs. A relief is a sculpture created by carving out around an image on a flat surface and removing the material around it such that the work appears raised above a lower field.

Now, no, they didn't carve out the modeling clay, but they did build it up with a lowered background so it at least looks like a relief. 

Cecilia's relief of St. Joseph and the baby Jesus.

Felicity's relief of St. Joseph and the baby Jesus.

Personally I think I prefer toddler art to modern art.

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