Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Felicity Celebrates Six!

Yesterday, my darling princess Felicity, turned six years old. It is so exciting to see them growing up and so tearful at the same time.
We are so blessed...

Six years ago...
My little 6 pound peanut. 

On Sunday we had her birthday party, for which I made my first piñata. On Wednesday, I built the base. 
On Tuesday, I added the newspaper. 
On Friday, I painted him. Any guesses what the theme of her party was? 
For those who are familiar with video games, this is Frank Honey from the WiiU game Lego City Undercover, a favorite in this house.  
We had wonderful friends, family and godparents to celebrate with us. Felicity requested Chick FilA chicken and nuggets for lunch and we got wraps for the adults. We made Nathan's fries for everyone and had a buffet of fruit on the table. Felicity basically refuses to eat fruits but she requested it "you know, for the other kids."  
I'm happy to say the piñata was a success. We went through the whole line of kids using a plastic bat. Of course, Felicity was up first. 
Even Teresa got a turn. It was the first time I think I've encouraged her to hit.  
Brigid's godmother helped her little 1 year old to give it a go.  
Then her 3 year old tried to show Frank who was boss.  
Elizabeth didn't seem to really want to hurt Frank. He is such a fun, funny guy. But she did give him a few whacks. 
He took quite a few hits, but it wasn't until the older kids got to him that he started to show some wear. Brigid's godmother's daughter brought in the 5 year olds.
Cecilia did her best to beat the heck out of him. She held nothing back.  (If you look closely at the goody bags in the backgrounds, that is another clue to the theme of her party.)
One of Cecilia's best friends did a great job knocking Frank around, but he hung in there. After the first round, and everyone had had a turn, we knew we needed something a little stronger to beat him with, so my dad got a pole that has a window cleaning brush attached to the end, so the kids held it like a bat just above the brush and used the handle end to whack Frank for another round.  

After the birthday girl and a few of the younger ones had a second turn, a 7 year old friend knocked off his head. Poor Frank.

And then Cecilia's best friend did him in. Candy ensued and sugar was had by all. Frank had a good run, but he will be recycled this week. :) 

Okay, enough guessing. If you guessed Legos, you were right. A local bakery made this amazing 3 layer vanilla cake with chocolate filling and candy blocks around the base. Awesome no? Delicious too! 
That little baby at the beginning of this post blowing out her six birthday candles. (while a friend goes through her purse... LOL, I just noticed that.)
Teresa marveling at all the blue icing. Oh there was so much blue to be had! It made for some colorful diaper changes the next day too. LOL. 
Finally we came to the presents. The kids gathered so close to her it was hard to see what she was opening, but they were all so excited.  
She got some great new books including Hansel and Gretel, A New Coat for Anna, The Big Snow and the entire Brambly Hedge collection. 
She also got new Lego sets from the Lego Friends Series. 
And her Snoopy Snow Cone maker she had been begging for. She's been asking for snow cones every day since she got it. I keep teasing her that we have no snow yet. :)
She got a family of plush unicorns (she loves unicorns, bemoaned at her last birthday that she didn't get a real one and is praying they exist in Heaven), a Hello Kitty purse, a few new outfits, a friendship bracelet making kit, a ceramic bowls painting kit and, well, let's just say she wasn't wanting for much. 
She also got a new bike. She'd been trying to practice on Cecilia's but hers is too tall, so she was ecstatic to get her own bike that is just her size, in pink of course. Elizabeth already can't resist rides on it but Felicity has been happy to share, most of the time anyway. 

Praying for a very blessed year for my darling six year old Felicity!

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  1. Oh my gosh it all looked like so much fun!

    Again - really well done with the pinata! WOW!

    Happy birthday again. What a beautiful way to celebrate. :) YAY!