Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Blessings

We all had a very blessed Christmas. 

 We went to the 8pm Mass at our parish and the girls were impressively good. The only one that caused any anxiety was Brigid, who thought it the perfect occasion to blow raspberries on her arm, holler at the candles and statue of St. Louis, and otherwise try to engage as vocally as possible with everyone around her. She wasn't fussy or even upset, but she wasn't quiet. 
By the time we were near the end of Mass, we were all just about ready to stop needing to be quiet. The girls wanted to see the nativity and Teresa wanted to experience Mass with a bag on her head. She cracks me up. 
Once we got the kids to bed, we got all the presents out around the tree. Then James and I watched some Scrooged before heading to bed. Hopefully we can finish it tonight. Just too funny. 

Impressively, the girls let us sleep until 7 and we managed to hold them off from the presents until 8, after breakfast. 

It is just so neat seeing their faces light up when they see the tree with all the wrapped gifts beneath it. 

James helped Teresa open her gifts while I tried desperately to get any pictures in focus. All my Christmas morning pictures are always horribly blurry. The kids just have this habit of never stopping or even slowing down. 

They got books, coloring books, pajamas, socks/slippers, DVDs, WiiU video games...

A few stuffed animals, new kids' plates and cups...

Each of the younger three got a new car seat (those are the huge boxes) which will take up less room in the car, be easier to get in and out of and, in at least one case, has a better safety rating. 

Cecilia and Felicity each got camp chairs and sleeping bags for when they go camping in May. 

Cecilia also got a microscope and Teresa got her own iPod (to be used with discretion and permission) with a heavy duty protective case.

There were Frozen toys and Monsters University toys and magnetic words to build sentences...

A plasma car, magnetic gears and a sort of erector set...

And plenty of Legos for the older girls. 

Everyone had a wonderful Christmas and we are very blessed.

About a half hour into opening presents, Brigid woke up. I brought her straight from her crib so I wouldn't miss any pictures, but only about 10 minutes later did I realize her diaper had leaked. And was still leaking all over me. So I got her changed and, once her sisters were finished, helped Brigid open her presents. She was definitely a bit confused and baffled by the spectacle and just what she was supposed to do. 

"Ummmm. Ok. Now what?" She had fun though exploring all the toys and bows.

The rest of the day was cleaning up, playing, and eating basically. I'm exhausted, so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. I hope everyone had a very Blessed Christmas!

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  1. SO MUCH FUN! The living room (living room, right?) looked beautiful! You guys did a great job. The kids looked so happy pulling apart the paper and seeing what surprises they had in store!

    Just so cute. Oh my goodness, so cute! Thanks for sharing! :)