Monday, December 30, 2013

Gaylord National Harbor ICE!

Last Saturday we drove to the Gaylord National Harbor to see their annual ICE display. (The tree is made of glass.)

We'd gone once three years ago when the theme was Dr. seuss's How The Grinch Stole Christmas, but since the subsequent years were Shrek and Madagascar, neither of which are familiar to our kids, we hadn't been since. 

Due to illness, James stayed home with Brigid while I drove Cecilia, Felicity, Elizabeth and Teresa. 

We got there before my parents so we watch a fountain show in the auditorium.

After we turned in our tickets and got our parkas, we entered the 9 degree tent.

The theme this year is the classic poem, 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.

More than two million pounds of ice were carved for the display. 

They really do an excellent job not only sculpting the ice but coloring it as well.

My dad carried Teresa through most of the exhibit, as much to make sure she didn't get lost in the sea of blue parkas as to keep her out of trouble.

The entire poem was displayed in fragments throughout the exhibit.

I made my hands numb not wearing gloves both so that I could take pictures but also so I could easily grab or help the girls if necessary.

The girls remembered the center room from the last visit. It is hard to forget slides made entirely out of ice.

Cecilia and felicity each went down the ice slides.


Elizabeth didn't want to slide. I think the cold Teresa had gotten the day before was really starting to hit her and, in the early stages of fighting the virus, her body was especially unhappy with the extremely chilly environment.

So after two slides, we moved on.

Teresa and my dad play peek-a-boo with Felicity in her pink hat.

Through the tunnel of ice.

Happy Christmas to all!

A special room at the end contained a Christmas in New York theme. This is Rockerfeller Center.

My dad and Teresa admiring the skaters.

Unfortunately my shot of the Statue of Liberty was too blurry, but the bells came out well.

By now Elizabeth was really not feeling well, so I was rushed and my shot of Felicity in the cab was blurry, but still cute.

Afterwards, the girls took a ride on the train beneath the glass tree. 

Elizabeth was in the first car.

Felicity rode engineer.

They enjoyed it.

Cecilia rode caboose.

It was a fun trip and just in time. Elizabeth and Teresa fell asleep on the way home. By this morning, Brigid and I had the cold as well. With four now coughing and using tissues like crazy, I think the rest of our week will be at home and, hopefully, restful. 

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