Friday, December 6, 2013

Seven Quick Takes: St. Nicholas


In previous years we did shoes for St. Nick's and stockings for Christmas and it just seemed redundant, so this year I figured we'd just use the stockings for St. Nicholas, the tree for Christmas and skip the shoes. Unfortunately we have no mantle or anything high to hang them from where Teresa (and even Rosie) won't knock them down, so they could only stay up for the day, but the girls had no complaints. 


Each girl got a new Christmas book, Lindt chocolate coins, mini Santa and mini reindeer, a candy cane and 3 mini Christmas rubber duckies. The older three also each got a small Lego Pets package and a Knot Genie brush (SO hoping it helps with morning brushing!). Rosie got two new toys (she is on the verge of destroying two of the old ones) a box of treats and a stake I can tie her to in the yard Mommy even got some caramel chocolates and cards from each of the girls. Daddy got two chocolate bars with whole hazelnuts in them and a DVD of Scrooged. 


Yes, they had chocolate for breakfast. Hey, easiest breakfast for me in ages. :) 

Apparently the chocolate has the effect of making them not want to finish school, so they have been averaging about half a page per hour to finish their school for the week.


And apparently just being conscious has the effect on me of not wanting to do much all day. I did finish washing and drying the laundry and vacuumed the living room and everyone ate and has a clean bottom, but otherwise I've been catching up on Facebook and blog reading and now blog writing. 


Honestly though, the weather has been pitiful: The temperatures have been slowly falling all day with non-stop rain and such a dull gray misery color to the day. Nature deigned today to be a lazy do-nothing day. It isn't like it was my fault. 


I'd like to say today has been all romantic dreaming out the window

But it has been more like, "I can't get up. Is it time for bed yet?"
Teresa seemed to think my huge stuffed bear needed a tushie change.


Overall we are looking at an easy-going weekend... the first in a while and oh, boy do we need it. But the three oldest girls and I are meeting up with a few friends tomorrow morning to go see Frozen. again. Hey, awesome music, beautiful animation, wonderful characters, laughs, tears and a moral about love conquering fear? Can't get enough. If you haven't seen it, we definitely recommend it!

Have a great weekend! More Quick Takes at Jen's Conversion Diary :)

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