Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Beginning Sewing

For Christmas, Cecilia and Felicity each got a My First Sewing Book and kit. Cecilia has been particularly eager for me to show her how to sew.

So, I figured since we were still on break, it couldn't hurt to get a jump start on our sewing lessons for the semester. 

I really like the book. It is encouraging and simple. 

Each of the girls worked on sewing a little bird pillow.

Felicity made a yellow one with blue thread.

Cecilia made a red one with red thread.

They are eager to sew more and the kit includes cut outs to sew all sorts of animals, puppets, etc, so I'm sure we will have more fun this spring as we continue to learn more about how to sew, but we definitely got off to a good start. 

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