Saturday, January 18, 2014

Seven Not-So-Quick Takes in 22 Pictures and 1 Bonus Video

Cecilia, Felicity and Elizabeth are all taking ice skating lessons every Wednesday. And it just so happened that two of their friends from their American Heritage Girls troop are there as well.

Cecilia is in the red hat and pink snow pants in front of the instructor. Felicity is in the white/pink helmet and gray snow pants in the middle. 

It has been about 2 years since they took lessons so, remember when she was last on the ice at age 3, Felicity had refused to get on the ice without a walker at her first lesson. So I was ecstatic at her second lesson when, without a word to anyone, she simply got on the ice without any help and took the entire lesson without any walker. 

Sure, she fell down, but the instructor showed her how to get up and she had a good time. 

Elizabeth, never having been on the ice before in her life, understandably uses the walker, but she is also enjoying her time exploring walking on frozen water. 

2. I sometimes print coloring sheets for the girls, especially the younger ones to help keep them busy during school and I was especially impressed with Teresa's coloring of Olaf.

3. The youngest two keep getting themselves stuck. 
Brigid actually had no trouble getting in the basket and enjoyed playing in it but is such a little peanut, she had trouble getting out again. 

Teresa hollered to me from across the room: "Ma! Ma! Help! I stuck!" I actually think she really did need help getting out of this one since she couldn't really bend forward enough to lower her head and then scoot forward without her arms and being so bent over. 

Brigid climbed onto the tea cart...

And then proceeded to throw every tea cup and saucer onto the floor. 

But then she couldn't get down again and had to be rescued. She generally has a good idea about how to get down from things she climbs on to, but I think the height on this one intimidated her. She has fallen off it once. In fact, afterwards, Teresa copied her and then pitifully called for me to rescue her, not that she needed it.

4. Speaking of small spaces, we built this.
I positioned the slide to go into the door of the little Veggietales house Teresa got for Christmas.

Then connected the other door from the Veggietales house to the Ikea tube...

And ran that to the big play cottage. Inside I positioned a little sofa. They've made an entire clubhouse from it and even brought the keyboard and rainbow makers inside to have a party!

5. Jo-Ann's sent me coupons in the mail and since the girls are learning to sew (and I can't resist a bargain) we all went to use some coupons.

Can you guess which girl got which fabric?

Starting from the left, Cecilia got lavender dragonfly, blue flannel, hello kitty easter egg and Frozen fleece fabrics. In the middle, Felicity got pink butterfly, pink hearts, pink Valentine's hearts and Frozen fabrics. On the right, Elizabeth got fireworks and stars, turquoise moons, rockets and stars, colorful circles and Frozen fleece fabrics. 

After we got home, they all wanted to sew. Immediately. Cecilia began making a bunny pillow for Elizabeth from her fireworks fabric, Felicity began making a unicorn pillow of Valentine's hearts and Elizabeth began sewing a little felt bird. 

I snagged this to make a hod dog-shaped pillow for Teresa for her bed. She is, after all, my silly little monkey.

I couldn't resist these and I'm not even sure what I'm going to do with them. Any suggestions? I was thinking of shamrock-shaped pillows using all the fabrics on each pillow. Thoughts? 

And this one I just couldn't resist because I love everything about it and until I get my dream log cabin in the mountains (I have one reserved in Heaven... that's my "room") I simply have to take it where I can find it and they have so little of this fabric left, I just took what there was. 

Not a bad haul, huh?

6. I've been working on some charts to add more responsibility for the girls and make things a little easier on me. 

These are their chore charts (though, since this picture was taken, I have also laminated the envelopes to help keep Teresa from tearing them down and ripping them to shreds). Each girl has the following chores: Brush their hair, get dressed, fix their bed, brush their teeth, clean up (bedroom/playroom), morning prayers, sort the laundry, do their school work, and clean up the dining room (bring cups/plates to the table, wipe the table where they sat and, if necessary, sweep the floor). Cecilia has the added responsibility of feeding Rosie and getting her outside once she has eaten. So far it is working very well, provided Teresa doesn't tear them down or take the chores and throw them around the house.  

I've also added a behavior chart for the oldest three. Each time a girl misbehaves or makes me repeat myself more than 3 times, they get a red X. Good behavior is rewarded with a blue check. Too many red Xes and not enough blue checks result in lost privileges like video games, treats, etc. I simply should not have to repeat myself 5, 8, 12 times and it is making me lose my temper to do so. So this is to help the girls behave better and improve my behavior by not wearing me down with poor listening skills and disobedience. 

I tried to make a homemade mac and cheese. Cecilia and Felicity didn't like it and Elizabeth refused to try it. Brigid ate two helpings. Teresa ate the cheese sauce but seemed to turn her nose at the pasta and broccoli. James thinks two things didn't help: 1, the girls aren't used to seeing breadcrumbs on mac and cheese, so while I like them, they were probably turned off by that alone and 2, after tasting their boxed mac and cheese compared to mine, he realized the box doesn't taste a whole lot like cheese whereas mine was definitely cheesy - he thinks they might not actually be used to eating macaroni and real cheese. We aren't giving up yet though we need to figure out what kind of cheese to use because cheddar is simply too grainy. I definitely want to incorporate broccoli in it though since it not only gets a vegetable into the dish but it is the 1 and only vegetable that every. single. girl. eats! 

Teresa rockin' out. Sort of.

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  1. I think the mac 'n cheese looks delicious! Good for you for trying the recipe (wish you could send some my way).