Friday, January 24, 2014

Seven Quick Takes: Our Week

1. Sunday. Last weekend I was at the worst of my cold and James was just beginning his, so the only one who made it to Church was Cecilia. My parents took her, but at least I know she was paying attention. Maybe kids should be allowed to doodle more during Mass...
"behold the Lamb of God. Behold him." Cecilia's name is at the top and there is a lovely portrait of Fr. Pete on the left side. Let's just pretend all the scribbles is the descent of the Holy Spirit on Jesus, shall we?

2. On Monday we began our week, as usual, with History and Geography. History is one of Cecilia's favorite subjects, so she always asks to do it first thing in the week. We covered a few European wars and how they seeped over into the Colonies. We are gearing up for the American Revolution next week. Cecilia has been asking to use the feather pen I bought almost 2 years ago, so we finally got it out and each girl had a go with it. 

3. Tuesday the snow storm hit. 

Our bird feeder was a regular hub of excitement throughout the day and we enjoyed figuring out which kinds of birds were visiting us. We also did our religion lesson for the week but the snow was becoming more and more of a distraction to the girls.

By evening, the backyard looked like this. It was neat and impressive the way the wind made mountains and valleys right outside our door. 

My dad finally got to give his snow blower a thorough workout.

I was getting the girls ready for bed while my dad and James cleared the driveway. Teresa wanted to go help daddy. 

4. By Wednesday our backyard looked like this.

We made good progress with our school work but the girls were in and out playing in snow all day. It is no wonder by the time they went to their ice skating lessons they were getting tired. Cecilia seemed especially emotional but Elizabeth made great improvements! She began walking on the ice without using a walker and was able to get up by herself after falling down several times. Felicity stopped using a walker the previous week and walks across the ice pretty easily. They are all making wonderful progress in ice skating. 

5. Thursday had an adventure. During a break from school, Cecilia wanted to go outside. Not surprisingly, Teresa wanted to go with her. It was about 12 degrees out. About 10-15 minutes later Cecilia came back in and I assumed she had brought Teresa with her. We stressed on Wednesday how dangerous the extreme cold could be. It was about 15 minutes later I realized how quiet it was and wondered where Teresa was. Cecilia said that she didn't actually leave Teresa outside but told Teresa to follow her inside but she didn't come. 

I went outside and it was scarily quiet. Teresa is never quiet. In slippers I had to be careful on the ice and checked the nearest side of the house and then the far side. Teresa was sitting at the top of the steps by the gate next to the laundry room steps. Her mittens were off and she was looking at her fingers. I climbed the steps and asked if she was okay. If she mumbled something, it wasn't decipherable. I picked her and her mittens up and she silently laid her head on my shoulder and wrapped her arms around my neck and she stayed that way until I had her inside. Unless she is exhausted or sick, that is very un-Teresa-y. 

Inside I stripped her cold outer clothes. Her feet were warm and her fingers surprisingly only chilly. Fortunately she had her hood up so her ears weren't too cold. Her nose and cheeks were very cold though and she seemed confused and disoriented. I bundled her in three blankets and gave her an iPod to play with to keep her still. She warmed up and has been her usual Teresa self but please, please do be careful in the extreme cold. 

On a lighter note, the frame finally came for the poster of the Maurice Sendak mural I bought at the Rosenbach Museum in Philadelphia and I love it!

We actually managed to clean and vacuum the living room and playroom yesterday too!

6. Today we are taking it easy but we are going to our first Lego Club meeting. The theme this month is January, which is wonderfully vague. 

Cecilia helped Felicity make a model of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. giving his I Have A Dream speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial. (yes, I realize Dr. King is yellow and not black, but welcome to Legos... we only began our collection a year ago and they worked with what we had. You may also notice the entire crowd is made of girls... this happens in a family where all the children are girls.) 

Cecilia made a snowy scene of two kids building a snowman.

And another eating a snow cone with cherry syrup.

7. Saturday we are hoping that my dad and either James or myself will find a good time to sit down with Cecilia and Felicity and finally show them Star Wars Episode IV. They've never seen a Star Wars movie and there simply is no better episode to begin with. They are familiar with Darth Vader and R2D2 but it is time to bring on the homemade light saber battles and destroy the death star. Have a great weekend! Stay Warm!

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  1. Glad Teresa was okay. Have a good weekend!!

  2. Feather pens!!!

    And did the snowblower EAT the snow? There didn't seem to be any piles anywere.

    Hope you're feeling loads better.