Friday, January 3, 2014

Seven Quick Takes


The girls are used to getting a bit of mail around their birthdays but when they get something any other time, it is exceptional. 

Or idiotic.

Apparently they think my 6 year old is ready to rent her own place? On her piggy bank?


Can I just say what a Godsend Legos have been this week. It has been cold or rainy or kids have had colds or something or other that basically keep all the kids inside. All day. Every day. But lego building has kept the oldest three busy (and from driving me nuts) just about all day, every day.


This is a mosaic from the social hall at our parish. It is of Saint Louis offering his crown to Christ.


Since we saw Frozen, Cecilia has declared she wants to be an animator. I told her she needed to practice drawing. Here is her attempt at Olaf:
Not bad for a 7 year old's first try.


Brigid has been getting her two front teeth for Christmas! 
That makes one on the bottom and two on the top. Don't know what is taking that other bottom one so long.

Cecilia and Felicity each got the standard two teeth at a time deal. Elizabeth got three at a time. Teresa topped them all with 4 at a time (she went months between getting any, then boom, boom, boom, boom). So maybe Brigid is more along Elizabeth's track? Unless that fourth shows up... then we might have another Teresa track on our hands, except Brigid handles getting teeth much better than Teresa did.


I knew the day after Christmas the Valentine's Day candy would be out, but the Easter candy?!? Come on people!


I discovered this on my camera. Enjoy.

Apparently Elizabeth is a bit of a camera hound and Cecilia was serious about making movies.

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