Thursday, February 27, 2014

AHG Update

My apologies for not getting a post up yesterday. Between school, the kids and an afternoon playdate, I didn't sit at my computer or even check Facebook all day until I was getting the kids asleep around 8pm. By then I was too tired to write anything. 

Here is one for yesterday though...

 At the end of January, Cecilia and Felicity had their semiannual badge award ceremony for their American Heritage Girls troop. We all try to go to each ceremony and cheer them on. They work so hard for their badges and absolutely love getting them.
The ceremony is in the evening though and Brigid wasn't sure why she was there and was getting antsy. So I entertained her with my phone. 

iPhones can be the best baby toys in a pinch. 
Unfortunately, our Fall was so busy, we only got 1 AHG badge and 1 Saint badge done.

We got the Emergency Preparedness Badge and the Our Lady of Guadalupe badge done. 

They were still happy to get them though. 

Since we slacked off so much last fall, I hit this semester into high gear. The Living in the USA and Citizenship & Government badges tied well in with our geography lesson, so we did those. Then we did the Dawn of Our Country badge with our American Revolution unit (post on that in the works). We finished the Home Decorating badge, Travel badge and Family Helper badge. This week we are completing the Pet Care badge and with their troop they have completed the Native American and Creative Crafts badge. And we aren't done for the Spring yet either. They will be racking them up come June, and they will be ecstatic to get so many badges. I'm just dreading the sewing. LOL. 

I'm hoping we can do the Our Heritage badge in two weeks when we go to Colonial Williamsburg. I'm also planning on doing the Best Me I Can Be and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton badges next week, and I'm hoping we can swing a drive up to the Seton Shrine next week. Next week is a "Catch Up" week for our school schedule so I just need one beautiful day and we are off! I also want to help Felicity complete her Daughter of the King badge, which Cecilia earned last year. Then, when we do our unit on insects at the end of the month, I'm hoping to work in the Insect-A, Inspect-A badge as well. And that is just March! I do love the way so many of the badges tie into our schooling though... they can nicely supplement what we are already doing, give us project or discussion ideas and reward the girls with a badge for it too! 

Elizabeth is counting down to when she turns 5 and becomes a Pathfinder. She has wanted so much to be an AHG like her sisters for a year and a half now. I've already bought her Pathfinder necklace and AHG book and ordered Cecilia's Explorer uniform at the same time since she will be moving up come June as well. 

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  1. Congratulations to them. Sounds like a very busy spring.

  2. Yay! Congrats!

    And BTW, that first picture of you w/ Brigid is beautiful!!! <3