Friday, February 28, 2014

Seven Quick Takes, Comical/Cute Edition

For my Friday post, of course it will be a Quick Takes. I have a number of photos sitting on my desktop that are either funny, cute or both, because most things little kids do are both, so this is the Comical/Cute edition.


I found Teresa's car seat thus:
Guess the pony was ready for a ride. 

Teresa got ahold of an empty laundry basket after I had finished putting away the laundry. 

She trapped the puppy under it.

She would even sit on top of it and enjoy her prize.


I bought 8 hyacinths last Spring and put them on my outside window sill. They were gorgeous until it got to hot, then they all withered and died. All summer and fall, the only thing that grew in the pot was a huge weed, huge as in it was 4 feet tall when I pulled it out, twice! So when winter set in, I just dragged the pot to the garage with all the others. 

In the garage, in the dead of winter, NOW the hyacinths are coming up. 4 of them. Three pink and one purple. I don't know how to stop them without killing them, so they are about to beautify the garage. 

I've known what a black thumb meant and it has generally applied to me, at least with all things potted. But I don't even know what to call someone who makes things grow backwards. 


We have a home Catechesis of the Good Shepherd atrium. But I've had to keep the altar turned upside down or Brigid climbs on top of it and, well, it is simply not a stable steps tool. But when the girls cleaned up, one of them didn't realize this and left it sitting upright. And Brigid decided to have a seat. On the altar.

Apparently, Brigid is a happy offering.

I'm sure God was amused though.... I couldn't imagine a better gift. :)


For each of my kids, I buy them a little wooden doll of each of their patron saints exquisitely painted by St. Luke's Brush. Brigid got St. Brigid and St. Lucy for her first birthday. Every night at bedtime she asks to hold one or both of the dolls and often insists on taking them to bed with her. I managed to snag a picture on my phone of my little Brigid asleep with her St. Brigid. 


Teresa gets frustrated when one or more of her sisters crowd around her when she is the only one permitted to play on an iPod. I discovered this nest she built inside her VeggieTales play house trying to escape the detection of her sisters while she played on her iPod. 


Brigid has a few stuffed animals in her crib: a big panda bear, a little lamb or three, a stuffed Jesus, and a bright pink bunny named Lulu. But she has really taken to one stuffed animal in the playroom. So much so, she carries him around everywhere, dances with him and sometimes even takes him to bed with her. 

But who doesn't love a faithful bear of very little brain.

I know many people are eager to bid farewell to February. We've enjoyed our February but we are just as happy to welcome March. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and a joyful, if penitential (Lent in T-5 days), March!

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