Friday, February 7, 2014

Seven Quick Takes


Well, since her birthday party on Sunday, Cecilia (and Felicity and Elizabeth) have basically lived in the land of Legos. Definitely produced some amazing results though. 

This is the Parisian Bistro.

The bottom level has a restaurant.

The middle level is an apartment complete with murphy bed.

And the top floor is an artist's studio. 



We finished off the ice cream cake and, though it took two days to finish it all, I think it should count as an Art bonus for the week.


Wednesday we woke to a frozen ice land. Cecilia looked outside and declared, "Elsa must have gotten scared again and frozen everything!" It was a bit slippery out and the grass crunched under your feet, but it was beautiful and neat.

A pine branch left outside from the Christmas tree frozen over.

The top of the sandbox turned toy box.

Frozen bush. Teresa and I had fun eating icicles and shaking bits of ice off the trees. She loved when I would kick the fence and knock rows of ice off too.

It was just as well I hadn't refilled the bird feeder yet. 


We spotted a new bird in the yard this week! 

Introducing the Northern Flicker, a kind of woodpecker.

I was impressed how big he was, and yes, it is a male. 


Today Rosie is becoming a new dog. She will become an involuntary eschatological sign.

The girls are bummed she won't be able to have puppies, but I'm not! :)


My kids like to chew almost everything. I need to find pencils they can't or won't chew. 

This drives me nuts and sends shivers down my spine. They can't even just stop at the erasers but have to chew the metal too?!?


We caught up on S.H.I.E.L.D. last night. I'm loving this season, but I hate that they end an episode like that and expect me to wait until March 4th for the next one. It irritates me now and I won't remember what happened nearly as well by then. 

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