Thursday, March 20, 2014

P.E. - Ice Skating

Well, the girls finished 7 weeks of ice staking lessons and I am absolutely thrilled with how well they did and how much they learned.

Felicity refused to skate without a helmet, but she didn't use a walker after the first lesson.

Cecilia has gained so much confidence on the ice!

She does get frustrated trying to go backwards.

But her balance is awesome and she is very good going forward.

Felicity moves a bit slower than Cecilia but likewise moves forward very well. 

She also has grown significantly in confidence.

Elizabeth surprised me the most. Though she did love to sit on the ice and play with it. LOL

She wasn't the only one though. She had a friend who liked to join her. 

But she mastered how to get up and had no qualms walking across the ice without a walker. In fact, after her first class, they graduated her two classes up!

I only took Teresa with me once and it was just as well. She got bored. And while I tried to watch her sisters, she kept trying to sneak away, no doubt to get into trouble. So I had to let her play on my phone to make her stay put. 

While I am sure we will do more ice skating next Fall or Winter, the girls have asked for gymnastics next. The oldest three will all begin gymnastics lessons together on Teresa's birthday. Unfortunately our nearest gymnastics classes are organized on a rolling basis such that you simply put your name in and when a spot opens up, they call you. This does not work for a pregnant mom with 3 kids to enroll and a toddler and baby to cart around. So the lessons are a bit of a drive, about 30 minutes each way, but it is totally worth it. The facility is really nice, the people professional and I got all three into their lessons within the same hour on the same day each week!

Their gymnastic lessons will run through the end of May. And come June we will back to swimming. 

Personally I think it is a pretty awesome and fun way to get Physical Education, not that they really need it with the amount of running, jumping and play they do. But the girls get to do something they enjoy while they learn a sport and improve at it. Their ice skating lessons even included a couple of their friends from American Heritage Girls. Ice Skating, Swimming and Gymnastics. Cecilia has asked about beginning Softball, but I haven't been able to find a place nearby that does girls softball teams yet. She is also only 8, but maybe we can take some time this Spring/Summer to learn a bit more about playing baseball/softball and maybe next year I'll be able to find something. 

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