Friday, March 21, 2014

Seven Quick Takes


I'm sorry I've been so quiet, but it has been one of those weeks. The kind where, no matter what you do, you just aren't winning. I've been nauseas. Not to the point where it is problematic. I have a very strong stomach and have never yet tossed my cookies just because I was pregnant. But it does slow me down a bit and make me want to rest more. On Tuesday Felicity began throwing up and had a fever. She was fine by Wednesday, but it did throw school off on Wednesday. Also on Wednesday, I was dancing with Brigid when I strained my calf muscle and was unable to walk on it. By Thursday I could limp without crutches on it, but it was a stinky week. And yet, I was regularly reminded to be grateful, because others were having a much worse week than I was. 


Please keep Laura of Planted and Blooming in your prayers. Her Crohn's disease has flared out of control and she is spending the week in the hospital beginning a new treatment of drugs. Her mom and mother-in-law have flown in to help watch the 5 little ones, but it is hard being away from your kids. She is very sick and needs to get her condition under control. 
Laura and one of her little girls.

Laura's adorable 5 kids. 

Sean and Becca Lewis live in Wyoming where Sean teaches at Wyoming Catholic College. On Tuesday morning, there was an awful car crash when Becca's suburban lost control on the icy road and was broadsided by an oncoming Dodge Ram pickup. While Becca sustained minor injuries, two of their three daughters, Olivia (6) and Emma (3) had to be air-lifted to the hospital at Salt Lake City. Both passed away later that day in their parents arms. My heart has been breaking for them ever since. I do not know the family myself, but James has met Sean before at the University of Dallas. Between our connections at UD as well as homeschooling families here in Maryland, I've learned we have more mutual friends than I would have imagined. You don't need to know them or be a friend of a friend though to mourn with and for them. They are in great need of prayers. It is one of those tragedies you can't walk away from. The only way to move is for God to carry you. If you have any alms you can spare, funds are being raised to help with funeral expenses and the extensive medical bills. Any additional money raised will be used to help them while they grieve and set up a trust for their remaining daughter, Vivian, who is either 4 or 5 years old. 


Yesterday was the first official day of Spring. Most of the people I know are sick of snow and sick of winter. To be honest, I love winter, so I'm a bit sick of the whining and complaining, especially considering the luxuries we enjoy, such as powerful snow plows, snow blowers, electric heating, and awesome winter clothing, that those who endured winter 50 or 100 years ago did not enjoy. 

But I had to smile and chuckle to myself yesterday when Cecilia announced she was sad. When I asked why, she said she liked winter and didn't want it to end yet. She loves playing in the snow and can do it for hours, from early in the morning until bedtime. Snowcones, sledding, snowmen, snowballs, snow angels, sliding down slides covered in snow, drawing in snow with sticks, playing with Rosie in the snow.... she doesn't tired of it. She is a girl of my own heart and meant to live up north. 


Speaking of winter, on Sunday night/Monday, we actually got 8 inches of snow.

Cecilia had a blast, as usual.

It was a bit too much snow to get all the way to the bottom and she got up doing a cold dance when snow got up her snow pants. LOL

But Spring or no Spring, there is a chance of snow next Tuesday as well. 


Brigid has taken to teasing Rosie and I find it absolutely hysterical. 

When I give Brigid a snack, she will often come sit by my to eat it. Just out of reach of Rosie. And Rosie doesn't miss a scent. She jumps, whimpers and begs for Brigid to share. But Brigid is no dummy, she stays just far enough so Rosie can't get her or her snack but close enough to drive Rosie nuts. It cracks me up. Yesterday morning it was Cheerios. (I eventually threw Rosie a few Cheerios Brigid had left on the floor she was just being so pathetic.) Earlier in the week, it was string cheese.


Just before we went to Colonial Williamsburg, James took Cecilia and Felicity to the AHG Daddy Daughter Dance. 
The girls had so much fun. They received tiaras and got to dance with daddy. What more could a princess want? ;)

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