Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Blessed Easter!!!

I hope you and your loved ones have had a very happy and blessed Easter Sunday! 

We had a wonderful day. 

Although Cecilia wept in begging to go to the Easter Vigil so she "wouldn't need to go to church before the fun" today, she willingly conceded in exchange for being allowed to watch Tron. (Honestly, I'd LOVE to go the vigil, but after a day at the zoo and not starting until 7:30, it just wasn't happening with this crew this year.)

So after the girls watched Tron, which Cecilia did like, and they went to bed, I went to work putting the baskets together. 

Brigid got a plush bunny, four new books, a beeswax Easter egg candle, a card from James'parents and a card from her godparents, and a buffet of candy including Cadbury eggs, KitKats, Reese's Eggs, an AHG chocolate, Lindt chocolate carrots and chocolate eggs.

Teresa got a set of Magformers magnets in new shapes, a few new books, a new Veggietales DVD, a card from James' parents, a beeswax Easter egg candle, a small plush Rapunzel and a Ninja Turtle action figure in addition to the same candy buffet as Brigid. 

Elizabeth got a plush bunny (which she had been asking for), 2 new Mo Willems books, a book on how to draw flowers, a new Froggy book and a book about a duck named Ruby, a Holy Heroes CD, a kaleidoscope, two Lego Movie cups, 3 random Lego figurines, a Ninja Turtle, a card from James' parents, a Lego Rapunzel set, a Lego Cinderella's carriage set, a Lilla Rose hair clip, a beeswax Easter Egg candle, a Peeps scented Yankee candle, an Anna figure for the Infinity WiiU game and a Saint Elizabeth Embroidery kit, and the selection of candy. 

Felicity got 2 new Mo Willems books, a book about a man who paints mountains, a book on how to draw animals, a Ninja Turtle, a family of unicorns, a set of shaped hole punchers, 2 Lego Movie cups, 3 random Lego mini figures, a Rapunzel wand, two Lila Rose hair clips, a card from James' parents, a Yankee candle, a Holy Heroes CD, a beeswax Easter egg candle, a Lego set of Cinderella's Castle, a DVD on St. Francis Xavier, a Holy Mary Embroidery kit, and the selection of candy. 

Cecilia got two new Mo Willems books, Anno's Multiplying Jar, a Ninja Turtle, 2 Lego movie cups, 3 random Lego mini figures, a Lilac Yankee candle, a beeswax Easter egg candle, a St. Therese embroidery kit, a plush Kevin from the movie Up, a March of the Penguins DVD, a Holy Heroes CD, Sorcerer Mickey figure for the Infinity game, a Lego Jousting set, a card from James' parents, a Cinderella puzzle and her candy.

We went to Mass at 8am Sunday morning. It was packed with standing room only, until after communion anyway. We picked up donuts and hash browns on the way home for breakfast. 

Afterwards, they couldn't wait any. Longer to dig into their baskets. 

Needless to say not everything in their baskets were from James and me but also from my parents. 

And, needless to say, all were quite happy with their loot. 

And then I fell asleep for an hour. I've gotten new medication but it takes 4 weeks for the dosage change to take full effect, so while I definitely have more energy than I did last week, I still tire out before the day is near done. 

When the girls woke me for the 4th time or so, it was to tell me Grndma and Grandpa were home and it was time to have the egg hunt. 

Usually all the egg hunt pictures I take are blurry but Brigid was slow enough I got several of her first Easter egg hunt. 

I had to keep an eye on her anyway to see she didn't
get into any trouble, but hence why my pictures are really just of Brigid. (The other girls move too fast and. One out blurry anyway :) )

It took her a couple eggs to get the hang of it but once she did she loved it. 

She loved collecting them in her basket. 

She only collected about 10 or 12

But she loved walking around with them in her basket

And then she sat down wither her loot

And figured out that they opened

And, oh boy, did that make her happy! The M&Ms spilled onto the floor and she happily let her sisters keep looking for more eggs while she began feasting.

My parents hide one gold egg for each girl with one of their initials being on their egg. If you find someone else's you leaver for them to find, or, if they are very small, help them find it. Felicity found Brigid's and brought it to her. 

Brigid didn't want the shiny gold one in her basket though. She wanted to watch it spin and swirl around on the floor. And she didn't want that silly paper that said $5 from the gold egg mingling with her precious chocolate in her basket. 

She continued carrying around her basket of goodies untill we went downstairs. 

Definitely a successful first Easter egg hunt!

Quite the happy hunter. 

I did manage to get one shot with Felicity and Elizabeth hunting as well. 

The rest of our Sunday was building Legos, playing WiiU, and eating a delicious ham dinner my mom cooked. 

Hope your Easter Sunday was as blessed and you have a Blessed Easter Season!

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  1. The egg hunt looked like SO MUCH FUN! I bet they had a blast!

    So glad to hear you guys had such a nice Easter. :) I always love seeing your litany of roses running around.

    Hope the medication helps significantly. Really. I can't imagine being so drained all the time while having the little ones. Whew! You're in my prayers. :) <3