Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Riding the Energy Roller Coaster

So.... I've been pretty exhausted lately. First trimester you know. Saturday I had enough energy and it was such a nice day out, so I built the monkey bars for Teresa but I think building the monkey bars doubled my usual exhaustion. Sunday I didn't want to move. At all. Ever. Which made Palm Sunday Mass more challenging than it might otherwise have been, particularly with Teresa.

It would have been more tolerable if Teresa hadn't used the palms as swords. I made the crappiest crosses ever I was in such a hurry to stop her from whipping me in the face with them. And about 45 minutes in Teresa just got more and more energetic. Even in the back of church she was running in circles... until she needed a diaper change. Our mass lasted an hour and 45 minutes and by then Brigid was hungry and cranky and Teresa unmanageable. The older three weren't any more difficult that one would expect at a long mass, but the younger two, compounded by how exhausted I was already, just made me want to quit.

Fortunately after a nap Sunday afternoon and a mostly full night of sleep, Monday I woke up actually feeling like I had slept. And I wasn't about to waste it.

So, I got Teresa a bath to get Sunday's lollipop out of her hair, washed the snow boots, put away all the snow boots, snow coats and snow pants, took all 5 girls to the mall and scored two beautiful Spring dresses at half off for Cecilia, had lunch, got Cecilia and Elizabeth new nightgowns and bought each of the girls a small toy of their choice at the Disney store with the penitential condition they couldn't have it until Easter. After coming home I put away all the Fall/Winter dresses and got out all the Spring/Summer dresses. Unfortunately, I had to return back to the mall when we got home and discovered a security ink tag still on one of the dresses. And then I took the oldest three to gymnastics. Take that, Monday!

It was nice to have such a productive day but by the evening, I was exhausted again.

I woke up Tuesday not completely exhausted but not energized either and, since Brigid got Teresa and myself up at 6am, it was only a few hours later my energy began to wane.

It is however a lovely rainy day, so while I can't toss the kids outside and expect today to be pretty simple (get laundry done and waste time) and laid back (hotdogs for lunch, anyone?), I am absolutely loving listening to the rain and getting a nice breeze through my window before the temperatures drop later today.

I will probably get my thyroid levels checked tomorrow just to make sure that isn't playing into my energy craziness, but it wouldn't surprise me if it is just the normal pregnancy stuff.

Hope your Holy Week is going Holily! :)

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