Sunday, June 22, 2014

Alas, Poor Blog - But Also Some Exciting News!

Oh my poor, poor neglected blog. Such a pitiful way to celebrate a 9th Blogiversary (what is the "correct" way to spell that?). Alas, I have at least 4 posts in the works but because Vimeo won't let me upload more than 500 MB of video per week and I'm too cheap to pay for a subscription it is taking me a while to get them up.

Oh, and the fact we were out of town for most of the last two weeks has put me a bit behind as well, but I have posts coming on that as well.

However, one bit of news I can share is that I had my mid-pregnancy sonogram and Cecilia and I got to see our newest addition swallow and suck his thumb. Catch that? Yes, we are expecting our first boy. Cecilia was so ecstatic she began jumping up and down. I'm excited myself and wondering if there is a prayer even this early for him to become a priest. :)

Hopefully I can begin thinking about names soon.


  1. Congratulations! Little boys are so sweet and loveable. There is a prayer for asking for a priestly vocation for your son, but it's not specifially for an unborn baby. Like you, I started praying for my son's vocation as soon as I found out we were having a boy. I think it's funny how many people have already suggested to me that maybe my 7 week old might be a priest someday considering I've never shared with them that I hope a vacation to the priesthood lies in his future. Maybe those prayers are already working! I can email you the prayers I've found in my Mother's prayer books if you'd like.

  2. Thanks, Karen. Yes I'd absolutely love the prayers! Thank you so much! It is :)