Thursday, June 26, 2014

Elizabeth Becomes a Whole Hand

On Tuesday, our darling Elizabeth turned 5 years old. We went out to eat at Red Robin for her birthday lunch and then picked up snow cones.

On Wednesday, we had a birthday party. She asked for a Tangled themed party.

Our local bakery made a lovely and delicious Rapunzel cake. 

We had over a few friends and her godparents. 

She quite a nice selection of books, including several Froggy books

Frog and Toad are Friends. 

And Twelve Magical Musical Masters, which plays songs with a biography from 12 classical composers. This is actually our second copy because all the girls adored our first so much they used it until even new batteries could not resurrect it. 

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Wii game. 

And DVD. Can you guess she is fond of frogs and turtles? 

A rare smile. (We got up this morning to two girls with congestion and Elizabeth with a fever. I'm pretty sure it is just a cold running through the house, but it explains why she so rarely smiled through most of these pictures.)

An awesome Sofia the First coloring and activity book from her godparents. 

Her own sleeping bag, in green. Guess what her favorite color is? Yeah, I think that has something to do with why she likes turtles and frogs so much, but green suits her perfectly. 

A camp chair so she has her own chair the next time we go camping. 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Legos

A Frozen Anna costume with boots, displayed by Cecilia. 

Each of the girls has a collection of pins from Disney World. 

Cecilia took three of her own and put them in an envelope as a present for Elizabeth for her birthday.

A small Ninja Turtles Lego set.

And a medium Ninja Turtles Lego set. 

A Vtech computer from Brigid's godparents. 

A guest very happy to get a snippet of ribbon. 

My dad helps Elizabeth read her cards. 

Another rare smile!

Elizabeth as Anna. (Blurry but smiling)

Elizabeth as Anna (in focus but phony smiling )

Everyone had a fun time and Elizabeth is proud to declare herself now an American Heritage Girl. She has been counting down for two years until she would be 5 and could become a Pathfinder. 

They do grow up so fast!

Happy Birthday my Sweet Elizabeth!!!

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