Friday, June 6, 2014

Seven Quick Takes


Brigid's hair has gotten so long, I need to clip it back for her to eat. It does look so cute when she leaves it in though!


Belated, but still worth it. This was Cecilia's Mother's Day poem for me. 


A beautiful rainbow for the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima


Brigid put on Teresa's shirt over her footed pajamas. 

Then she went outside with her sisters to play. 

She got soaked but had a blast. Who says you can't play outside in your pjs? :)


What happens when your three year old gets a hold of your camera...

Cracks me up every time. 


The older girls have been learning how to sew. Felicity sewed the unicorn and Christmas tree on the far left, Elizabeth sewed the red bird on the far right and Cecilia sewed the heart, fish, dog, bunny and hand puppet. She even sewed hand puppets for her friend for his birthday and her pen pal. 


To try to help the girls hang their coats in some semblance of an orderly fashion, I made decorative initials for each girl above where they should hang their coats and glued their favorite animals to them. Cecilia loves orcas and insisted her background be a light purple. Felicity is ever my unicorn girl and wanter her background a rainbow. Elizabeth loves turtles and her favorite color is green. Teresa IS my monkey and also adores monkeys (although that might be a chimp, but she is indifferent) and the green on her T matches her bedding. For Brigid I opted for the gentle sheep and a light blue. I am rather pleased with how they turned out. 

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  1. The letters are adorable. It makes me wish we lived somewhere cold where we would actually use coats!

  2. Agree Brigid looks so sweet with her hair clipped back. The Letters looks wonderful; well done!