Thursday, August 28, 2014

Homeschool Review III

Well, it has already been a long week. We won't get to Gettysburg. There is simply too much going on and I am too pregnant and simply can't do it right now. Oh well. They are young. 

Monday was not a full school day as I had my last Maryland OB appointment late morning, but each girl did work on or complete 3 subjects. While I was at my appointment, they spent time playing at their best friends' house. It will be the last time they see them for quite some time, so we spent a good 4 1/2 hours there. I don't know that it sunk in for them how long it might be before they see them again, but it hit their mom and me and it became an emotional day. 

Tuesday we did make some nice progress in several subjects. But it also became apparent that the stress of the week was not bypassing the girls any more than it was me. By Wednesday Cecilia in particular was having a hard time. Although she doesn't have much to do this week besides school, she didn't want to do any and claimed moving as her excuse. I did manage to get Spelling and a Math lesson out of her in order to play with my brother's remote control car. Felicity finished everything for the week except Science. I admit, going into this weekend, Science will probably be the one subject we are behind in. Cecilia had especially asked for more experiments and I have planned several experiments for each Science area we are to cover, but it is hard to do experiments when everything is packed. Need a clear, glass container? Packed. Need vinegar? Packed. Etc. I thought about just showing them videos and we will incorporate some videos, but it is simply not the same and, at this point, I think it is best to come back to it when we can discuss matter and its states better. Other than Science though, Cecilia and Elizabeth, who only has handwriting and one reading lesson left, should have no trouble finishing for the week today. 

I managed to pack a couple more boxes yesterday and take apart the small plastic outside playground but mostly Wednesday was spent doing laundry. It was our last run of clothes laundry here but I also began washing all the girls' blankets and bedding. I will be bringing it in the car with us so that once their bunk beds are set up I have bedding for all of them to get them back into their own beds and won't need to go box hunting for bedding. 

Today, Thursday, will be spent finishing school for the week, taking apart the crib and moving Brigid into the Pack 'n Play, and trying to pack as much of what is left as possible. I will also begin packing up the car with things we won't need before leaving so as to have them out of the way and get some idea how best to pack the car. 

The movers come tomorrow morning between 9 and 10. We plan to begin driving Saturday evening after Mass and dinner and drive all night. 

Prayers appreciated. 


  1. Praying it all goes smoothly!!!!

  2. Take it as easy as you can. Looking forward to hearing about your new home!