Monday, October 27, 2014

Learning Notes: Special Edition: Thomas

Needless to say, since this happened Monday:

We didn't do any school this week.

But that doesn't mean no learning was to be had.

Cecilia and I spoke quite a bit about pregnancy, labor, childbirth and newborns. While no, she hasn't had the "birds and the bees" talk, she asked about why birth and postpartum are, well, messy. All the girls got a brief lesson in how they got belly buttons and how to care for a newborn's umbilical stump. They checked it every day to see it changing. (And it cracks me up when they misspeak and call it his "essential cord," although, prior to birth, that wouldn't be an inaccurate name.)

And you simply cannot have a household of 5 little girls, introduce a baby boy, and not get questions during a diaper change. "What is that?" So while the details have varied depending on their age, there has also been a bit of discussion between the physical difference between baby boys and baby girls. (The proper cleaning of which even I have been learning this week.)

They have all been learning or practicing the proper way to hold a newborn.

 And we have been learning we need to set rules about when and how and for how long Thomas is held in order to avoid tantrums and meltdowns. And I think my reaction has taught Teresa not to try to carry Thomas around by herself.
 I learned that newborns can have a growth spurt and want to eat every 15 minutes even when they are only 4 days old.

And I learned I am the new leader of the Pathfinders in our AHG troop.

School definitely has its purpose but learning and life happen whether you are doing school or not. It has been a busy week here even without the books and pencils, but we will be doing school again come Monday. (The girls need the structure and it isn't like I can't do it sitting down.)

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  1. Introducing a boy into a family with all girls really becomes a crash course in anatomy. Those first weeks after we brought out son home were filled with lots of questions and comments. Our youngest daughter is still convinced that our little guy has poo permanently attached to him. LOL

  2. Congratulations! He is a cutie :-) (My family is the reverse of yours; I have 7 boys and 1 girl. My boys think girls are alien creatures; I imagine your girls might think of boys in the same way!)

  3. The very best kind of learning, in my opinion.