Sunday, December 21, 2014

Baptizing Thomas Benedict

To continue our busy two weeks...

My parents got to meet Thomas on Friday, December 12th.

Gotta love his bath hair, huh? 

And that evening, his godparents arrived with their four kids from New York.
After some pizza and playtime, James caught a picture of all 10 kids.
And then Cecilia had to throw a goofy face in...

On Saturday, December 13th, we all went to our parish church for Thomas' baptism.

Shiny new Catholic!!!
I LOVE the smell of the chrism oil, so it has been awesome that the deacon put so much on his forehead he has been emanating the aroma all week!

Thomas was so calm when I pulled him away from the baptismal font... he wears his grace well.

My dad spent half the baptism either holding Brigid or chasing Teresa, who disappeared at least once and thought the whole visit great fun.
Afterwards, we all went out to Olive Garden to celebrate.
Thomas slept all through lunch. Apparently being baptized can wear a little guy out.
Afterwards we all went over to the seminary to show everyone where James works. While they toured the chapel I changed 3 diapers and then we all went to the cafeteria for a picture in front of their tree.
I have no idea what Elizabeth is doing here, but it was too good not to share... LOL.

That evening, after the kids had unwound and played for a while, we had desert. We had a cake in honor of Thomas...
And we sang a belated Happy Birthday to Felicity and had a cake for her so she could finally blow her candles out...

 And the day also happened to be my dad's birthday, so we had special cupcakes in honor of his birthday and sang Happy Birthday to him.
 And, of course, Teresa blew out his candle for him. (She really didn't like the previous song and candles were not for her.)

Sunday, December 14th, we all went to the Basilica of St. Josaphat for Mass.

 By the time I received communion, Brigid was ready to go, so I took her to the back until Mass was done.

After Mass, Thomas' godparents had to start driving back to New York. We said our goodbyes and then my parents and our crew went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch.

The kids spent the rest of the afternoon playing with my parents and flying high from all the nonstop 60 hours of attention. My parents flew home Monday morning and the girls began their withdrawal. Teresa asks me almost daily, "Where Grandma and Grandpa?"

Fortunately we had a few things up our sleeves to help them recover from the busy and exciting weekend, unlike Rosie who we just tormented with Cheerios:
Rosie couldn't stand not being able to reach the Cheerio bird feeders we hung on the bush. Fortunately the birds got to them before Rosie could.    
 But, considering how many pictures are already in this post, I will leave the rest of the week for another post. :)

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