Monday, December 22, 2014

Preparing for Christmas

And for my third and final post about the past two weeks...

 Monday, December 15th, the kids spent most of the morning playing with grandma and grandpa before they had to head to the airport. After they left they cleaned up and consoled themselves with video games and leftover cake.
 That evening we had our AHG Court of Awards. Thomas was our honorary pathfinder dressed in blue. Cecilia stayed home with a fever from a cold that was going around but Felicity and Elizabeth went and got their badges and beads.
I admit I had already put up our outside lights the weekend after Thanksgiving, but I had stalled getting our tree until after our busy busy Baptism weekend. 
 Wednesday I ran out and bought our Christmas tree. The girls were thrilled and Teresa helped me put all the lights on it. Which is especially ironic as she has been the one to repeatedly pull the lights off it. (Hence the dark areas in the photo below.)
 On Thursday I pulled out the ornaments they either couldn't break or at least I wouldn't care much if they did break. I was even going to see about getting more unbreakable ornaments until I realized they were wasting no time that afternoon pulling off all the ornaments they had put on that morning. Hooks all over the floor, unbreakable ornament balls in the living room, playroom, hallway, my office, and everywhere in between. Teresa even dunked the nutcracker ornaments in the tree water and thought it was hilariously funny how their hair looked soaked wet with pine needles stuck in it. I bet this will be a really fun family activity once Teresa is older! :) (Hence why the above tree probably looks pretty bereft of ornaments. I swear it had ornaments on it that morning. I have tried to hang some of the nicer ones back on at the top.)
 On Friday, James gave me a Half-Day off, which is basically where he watches the kids for about 5 hours while I go out by myself, or only with a nursing infant. Thomas and I left early and went to Mass and stayed a bit for adoration. Then we picked up some craft supplies for the next two AHG meetings and went to Thomas' 2 month check up where he measured 24 inches (90th percentile) and weighed 11 lbs, 12oz. (40th percentile) and his head measurement came in at the 95th percentile. After he got four shots, we went to Panera Bread for a yummy lunch and then to Walgreens to get him some Infant's Tylenol before heading home. 5 hours is good because it isn't a whole day gone for my husband but it is enough time for me to go to Mass, run errands, go see a movie, enjoy a hot lunch sitting down, etc.
 While I was out, he was doing two gingerbread kits his mom sent with the girls.

AND he cleaned up after them too!!!!!

I spent part of the weekend finishing online Christmas shopping and a homemade bunk bed lock. I've seen them online made out of hard plastic and velcro for $50 a piece but wondered if a sewn one wouldn't work just as well.
 It is basically two ties on each end of a rectangle that ties on a higher and lower ladder rung to keep little ones from climbing into beds that aren't theirs. (Read: Teresa.) This one is on Cecilia's bed. We will see how it works before I consider making a second one for Felicity's. Teresa has actually been better about staying out of their beds since I first began working on this. (It is sad how long it has taken me considering how simple it is but if I do make another I'm just going to buy a couple pairs of shoe laces for the ties rather than sewing them.)

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