Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Baby in Our House

We have a baby in the house. 
 No, not that one, although she sometimes acts as though she wants to be the baby. 
Brigid does seem to be going through an almost-2-years-old bout of separation anxiety, but, little peanut that she is, she isn't the baby anymore. 

Thomas is now over 2 months old, 2 feet long and weighing about 12 pounds. He was ready for size 2 diapers about 3 weeks ago (and is probably quite thrilled we finally finished all our size 1s this week) and has already outgrown many of his size 3 month clothes. His personality has been slowly becoming more evident. 

 Mr. Thomas has many facial expressions. 
 And while huge smiles are rare and hard to come by (and nearly impossible to photograph)
 Grins are gladly given regularly.
 Thomas is not an easy baby but he isn't really difficult either. 
 He really enjoys car rides and will always fall asleep during them. And he can fall asleep nursing, in his swing, in his bouncy seat and just being held or rocked.
 But he does not stay asleep easily. He wakes quite easily to almost any sound (and sometimes for no reason at all), so it is not easy getting him long stretches of sleep, although he generally gets 2 or sometimes even 3 long stretches (3-4 hours) a day. 

 He is definitely a top contender for our most vocal baby.

And his sensitivity goes beyond when he is sleeping. If one of his sisters cries, he gets upset and cries with them, like when I cut off this video. 
He can even be nursing and stop to start crying if I even just raise my voice - not yelling or even angrily, but just to be heard 2 rooms away. 
So he is a sensitive guy. 
He loves social interaction and shares grins and smiles with all his sisters as well as his mommy and daddy. 
But left to entertain himself and it does not take long for him to go from content and quiet to a defcon 4 alarm. His crying goes from 0 to 100 very quickly that can easily result in a red, sweaty baby. (Teresa's baby crying was like that.)
But he also calms down in 2 seconds once he is picked up. And he LOVES to be held vertically looking over his bearer's shoulder. So he is soon smiles again. 
He enjoys "Tummy Time" and has no difficulty meeting the doctor's request of 15 minutes per day.
 (He has discovered the camera.)
The camera seems to have motivated more exercise.
 His head control is pretty good for a 2 month old.
He becomes more alert and observant every day.

Merry Christmas! 

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