Friday, January 9, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday Brigid!

 Yesterday was pretty cold. But it has been all week. Yesterday was special. It was Brigid's birthday.
 For breakfast the birthday girl wanted a strawberry pop tart with chocolate milk, which she shared with her beloved Pandy.
 After breakfast, the birthday girl got iPad privileges. In her pajamas.
 While mommy baked her cake.

 We all braved the cold and the snow to go to Red Robin for her birthday lunch. Cheesesticks, macaroni and cheese, french fries, balloons and a free Sundae - what is not for a little birthday girl to enjoy?
During our lunch the snow had picked up and was blowing quite a bit by the time we headed home. "Blowing snow" means that the wind picks snow up off the ground and blows it up. So there was snow coming down, up and sideways. 
But while we were snug inside and Brigid and Thomas napped, I iced and decorated Brigid's cake.  
 She loved her cake.

 But as hard as she tried, she struggled to blow out the candle. Which was just as well as Teresa was melting down that there was no birthday cake or candles for her. So Teresa helped Brigid blow out her candle.

 Brigid got several wonderful board books and a cute ladybug outfit.

 And a big sister and a toddler sister for her My Loving Family dollhouse she got for Christmas. (I'd love to add a baby brother, but I've had trouble finding that figurine.)

 The highlight gift though had to be this lovely rag doll. Brigid adores her and affectionately calls her "Baby."

I won't say Pandy has been replaced, but I think he might have a new best friend. 

Brigid didn't get her gift from us yet. Her own twin mattress is being delivered on Monday. Her gift from us will be her own big girl bed. 

She is such a sweet 2 year old, such a blessing to us all. Blessed Birthday my sweet Brigid Lucia!


  1. Happy Birthday to her!
    Looks like she had a great day!

  2. She enjoyed it. Thanks! Hope Caitlin enjoyed hers! :)