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Learning Notes XVII

Sunday, February 1, Feast of St. Brigid
Sunday we were under a winter storm watch. We were only expecting 6-10 inches of snow, but with winds 25mph with gusts up to 33, the snow was blowing every which way causing "blizzard-like" conditions. So we did not make it to Mass.
I'm sure we look like the biggest bunch of Milwaukee wimps but having a newborn and 6 young kids puts leaving the house in a different category altogether.

Monday, February 2, Presentation, Groundhog Day, Felicity's Baptism Day
I was expecting today to be a busy and chaotic but it was instead a different kind of busy/chaotic.

James, Cecilia, Felicity and I spent 2 1/2 hours shoveling out the driveway and front walk.
I shoveled out the left side, James the right side and Felicity and Cecilia did the front walk. We are thinking of getting a snow-blower at some point. Honestly I don't mind shoveling snow and, as exercise goes, I kind enjoy it, but the problem is how time consuming it is. Fortunately James' meeting was pushed back until 10:30 or he might not have made it. And it is difficult coordinating getting myself outside early in the morning between feeding the kids breakfast and taking care of Thomas and I can only stay out so long at a time. It is now February though, so we might try and wait until the end of the season and see if we can't get a good deal on one on sale.

While we were shoveling, Cecilia, Felicity and Elizabeth did their handwriting and geography inside. I checked over them during a break. By the time I had finished shoveling, James was ready to leave for work and Thomas had quit his 45 minute nap. I nursed him and took a much-needed shower.
It was amazing how bright the living room was from the reflection off the snow. This was early in the morning and the sun rises on the other side of the house.
Since it was Felicity's Baptism Day, she requested Taco Bell for lunch, but since that only works for 2 of the kids, I picked up Burger King and Taco Bell for everyone for lunch. During lunch, Thomas fell asleep in his bouncy seat for a lovely 3 1/2 hour nap.
Then Brigid fell asleep on the sofa for a 2 hour nap. With both the youngest two asleep, I did some History with the oldest three. We read about the end of WWII including the storming of the beaches of Normandy (I showed them just enough footage from Saving Private Ryan for them to see the soldiers on the boats amid the rough waves sailing up to the beach, but obviously couldn't show them anymore than that), and the dropping of the atomic bomb, of which we watched youtube footage of the mushroom cloud and the destruction in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. When Cecilia understood, even on the simplest level, what the atomic bombs did, she kept asking, "Why?" "Why?" And I tried to explain as best I could but I was glad the book mentioned that it is still an issue argued about. James and I both believe it was morally wrong to kill so many civilians, especially women and children but I also tried to explain the rationale of why Truman chose to use the bomb. They colored a few pages of the soldiers storming the beach and the mushroom cloud.
The US bombs Japan - see the quasi mushroom cloud - and people rejoice the war is over.
Japan bombs Pearl Harbor, Great Britain and France are unhappy and asking for help and the US says "We will help!"
Well, Cecilia colored; Felicity removed all the wrappers from her oil pastels, but at least she was listening. She insisted I take a picture of how pretty they are.
Once James was home, I ran out to get a blood test to check my thyroid levels.
We also had an AHG meeting and, fortunately, the roads were clear and dry. I was surprised how quickly we made the 50 minute drive (and no, I wasn't speeding). Although Elizabeth stayed home not feeling well, I helped the other Pathfinders make picture frames of foam and decorate with stickers. Cecilia learned more about aviation, built several paper airplanes and competed in a paper airplane competition. Felicity reviewed the primary and secondary colors using food coloring and icing and completed her cake decorating badge.
 It was a very long Monday.

Tuesday, February 3, St. Blaise
I still wanted to get some school work done today but, that aside, I declared it a sick day. Brigid's and Elizabeth's noses keep running, Felicity and Teresa both have wicked coughs, Thomas is congested and I swore someone was stabbing me in the throat all night. Cecilia had a stuffy nose and was complaining her back, arms and legs were sore, probably from shoveling snow on Monday. Cecilia did do 2 math lessons and her english and Felicity did her spelling and one math page but I had her stop when it became obvious even simple math I knew she knew was proving difficult with a stuffy, congested head.
As the day wore on I felt only worse and by the afternoon was relatively useless and incapacitated. I didn't want to move. I wanted to sleep, but they wouldn't let me sleep, so I wanted to do something, but I felt too awful to do anything. I tried to take a shower but had to make the water cooler when Teresa climbed in with me. I took two ibuprofen but it took until dinner time before I became functional enough to get a few things done, like the dishes and dinner and a bath for Brigid, which was its own challenge when she used the tub as a toilet. But I have a clean tub now! Everyone fell asleep pretty quickly and, other than Thomas, Teresa was the only one to get up all night and that was only once.

Wednesday, February 4
Wednesday was definitely better. I was still tired and we were all still sick, but I wasn't quite so useless. Elizabeth, despite not having done any school work on Tuesday, completed all 10 pages of her math for the week! Cecilia did another math lesson and her spelling for the week. And Felicity did a few more pages of math. Thomas wouldn't give me more than a 30 minute break until after lunch, but once he was down for a nap, I gathered the oldest three and we did religion, going over the 4th and 5th commandments.

Thursday, February 5, St. Agatha
Cecilia, Felicity, Elizabeth and Teresa all had dental cleanings this morning. James took them and, happily, none had any cavities. What was really exciting was how well behaved Teresa was, considering her tendency to cause trouble, for her very first dentist visit. They all came home wearing crowns and crowing about their new toothbrushes, pencils, stickers, etc.
Cecilia did her remaining math lesson and Felicity did another page in Math and Elizabeth did her spelling. We still didn't completely finish for the week but considering we were all sick this week, we still did pretty well and got a lot done.
I ran out and bought a cork board, staple gun, ribbon and batting to make a display board. I realized after all the Christmas cards how many friends and family we don't live anywhere near, so I wanted a board on which we could display them all, remember everyone, and pray for everyone. Unfortunately I didn't buy enough ribbon and ran out before I could finish. So, no pictures yet.

Friday, February 6
Unfortunately, Thomas had a rough night. The cold that had plagued everyone else all week finally hit him with full force. He was a coughing, gagging, congested, nose running mess and by 3am was running a fever. So, having held him and nursed him to no sleepy avail, I got him some Tylenol and put him in the swing, which, thankfully, got him a solid 5 or so hour nap. I was a bit tired though.
Fortunately my dad had flown in the night before and the girls were over the moon to see him. From Disney Trivia board game to sledding out front to blocks to water color paints, they kept each other busy most of the day.

My dad brought some mail with him that was sent to me but at his address, our prior address. One item was from my alma mater for Thomas in congratulations. I thought it was so cool and sweet of them.

Cecilia also showed my dad the Legos she has been working on, including this one we got her for her birthday:
What is neat about this one, it is a special edition of an archeologist, a chemist and an astronomer, all three of which are women. Cecilia loves science.

Saturday, February 7

Saturday was a busy crazy day. James and my dad took Cecilia, Felicity, Elizabeth and Teresa to the movies to see Paddington while I got Thomas a nap at home and Brigid helped me ice Cecilia's cupcakes.
 Who knew red food coloring + blue food coloring = grayish purple. Sigh. Cecilia was a good sport about it though and said she liked it.

After their movie was over, we all met up at the Children's Museum for a couple hours of play and fun.
Baker Birthday Girl!

Cecilia turned (honest) journalist!

 After the museum we went to dinner at Olive Garden, per Cecilia's request. When we got home we sang Happy Birthday, had cupcakes and opened more presents.

She has been asking for ages to learn Spanish.
A meteorological device.
Not pictured because little ones needed my help were a few more books including a Magic Tree House book, the DVD set of Mr. Wizard's World (my Science girl) and a very cool and huge lego set of a Detective's Office.

It has almost been like 10 days of Cecilia's Birthday but she was quite happy with it. You only turn 9 once. It was, as you can see, a bit of a long week, although it seems like most of them are nowadays. They will slow down eventually right? Right? :)

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  1. How fun (both the playing in the snow and the birthday!)! I love that she got Rosetta Stone for her birthday!

    I'm dreaming of buying a snow blower someday, and I think you guys had way more shoveling to do than I did, since you did an entire driveway! That is a super workout!