Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Cecilia and Felicity Learn to Ride a Bike

For the past week I've focused on cleaning out garden beds, cleaning out the garage and prepping bike tires. So when the girls asked to go bike riding Sunday afternoon, even though it wasn't quite the relaxing afternoon we had in mind, we said okay. Cecilia had been disappointed that she hadn't learned how to ride her bike without training wheels yet, but I didn't really know how to teach her to do it. So, as in all wise research, I turned to youtube. And I found this video:

It basically explained the primary thing to learn is balancing the bike. After that, pedaling is easy. I adjusted Cecilia's seat so her feet could be flat on the ground when she stood on the bike. While the video removes the pedals, and I can understand why it might be helpful, I didn't even know how to remove the pedals, so we left hers on. But then I showed her how to just propel herself on the bike using her feet on the ground and once it was going just pull her feet up and focus on balancing the bike.

It took some practice, but gradually she got better and better at balancing the bike.

Once she had the balance down, adding pedaling in was easy.

She has even practiced enough to be able to turn 180 degrees without falling over. 

Once I took off Cecilia's training wheels, Felicity wanted me to take off hers too.
So on Monday afternoon, I took off Felicity's training wheels and began helping her practice.

Felicity struggled a bit more than Cecilia to get her balance.

And she even became quite frustrated about it. I explained that some things come easier to some people than others and just as swimming comes more naturally to her, riding a bike came more naturally to Cecilia but she would get it if she kept practicing. It also didn't hurt that Cecilia had practiced before with my dad.

But Felicity didn't give up and slowly she was able to keep going a little farther each time.

By the end of the day, she had it.

I now have Elizabeth asking me to take off her training wheels, but I really don't think she is ready yet.
Felicity's bike is a little small for her and Elizabeth's bike a little big. Honestly, they are about an inch or less difference in height so I think they are both just really between bike sizes. Eventually, we will put the training wheels back on Felicity's bike and bequeath it to Teresa and get Felicity a bigger bike but I don't know that Teresa is ready yet and I don't want to panic Felicity with a bigger bike when she just learned to ride the one she has.

The weather for the past week has been simply gorgeous and it would have been a crime to not get out in it but both girls learning to ride their bikes has to have been one of the best ways we could have spent it.

Both now absolutely love to ride their bikes and keep asking to go out and ride, even if the temperatures today - 36 this morning - are not quite the 70 they were yesterday afternoon (and there is a slight chance of snow later in the week).

While we need to get a kick stand for Felicity's bike and Elizabeth's feels positively naked without a bell, bike riding is definitely the thing at our house at the moment.


  1. Way to go, Cecilia and Felicity! What a great accomplishment!

  2. Awesome! They are doing great! My kids only get to do things like that when we visit my parents. So nice they have a place to practice.