Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Happy 4th Birthday, Teresa Marie!

On Saturday, my parents and James took the four oldest to see Cinderella in the movie theater. She keeps asking to go again. 
 When we asked her what kind of cake she wanted, she answered, "Pink!"
 Pink is her favorite color, if you couldn't tell.
 And she loves having everyone sing Happy Birthday to her.
 Amazing photobomb by the dog there. Apparently she knew she wasn't going to get any cake.
 She loves Lego so Duplos were a must and a welcome addition to our Duplo collection.

 A My Little Pony the original TV series DVDs.
 Books!!! "This is Not My Hat" "Giggle, Giggle, Quack" "The Grufflo" "Julia's House of Creatures" "Miss Fannie's Hat"

 Shaun the Sheep DVD Season 2.

 "Frozen" clothes from James' parents as well as coloring books and a plush Hello Kitty.
 Sofia the First Duplo set. It has a pegasus. A purple one. Couldn't resist.

 Her own sleeping bag. The next time we drive part way across the country she can use hers and I get mine back! Or Brigid borrows mine. :)
 Cecilia made minions for Teresa on Minecraft.
 My dad, James and I spent time from Thursday through Monday putting together the playground my parents had bought for the kids. It moved here with us but spent the winter in the garage.
 The kids have been having a blast on it!
 This morning we went to the Milwaukee Zoo - a perfect outing for my wild Teresa.

 Teresa and the elephants! (With Felicity in front)
 Teresa and the tigers!

 Teresa and the lions.
 Teresa and her giraffes.
 And a birthday lunch at Red Robin with singing and an ice cream sundae.
A long but very successful birthday weekend of movies with popcorn and M&Ms, swings and slides, chutes and ladders, elephants and giraffes, cake and ice cream. It might be tough to top next year, but she is worth it. Happy Birthday, Teresa!

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