Sunday, March 29, 2015

Learning Notes XXII

I confess this Learning Notes will be less organized since I didn't write it as the week progressed but at the end of the week.

We skipped gym this week. I just needed a break and wanted to focus on getting some school work done Monday morning (it frustrates to lose all of Monday morning for gym class) but it turned out to be a good call anyway since 4 of the kids had colds.

Cecilia makes herself a salad. I have 3 salad eaters: Cecilia, Elizabeth and Brigid. It seems to skip kids. 
Cecilia, Felicity and Elizabeth completed all their math, spelling and english for the week as well their handwriting and we did two chapters in religion since we had missed religion last week. It really wasn't hard to catch up though. They focused on the person of Jesus as the Divine Son and the Son of Mary: one person with two natures and on his mission and how he demonstrated that this was true.
Cecilia is learning about predicates and direct objects.
 Wednesday evening we joined James at the seminary for evening prayer and dinner. I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoyed evening prayer. I haven't prayed it with a group in so very long and I got to explain to Cecilia and Felicity how the two sides of the church were alternating the psalms but saying the antiphons together, etc. It was so lovely to hear it as a group again. Unfortunately we only grabbed one paper with the prayers on it so I had to pull up my iBrievery on my phone... I hope no one was thinking I was using it for anything else. Our crew can be distracting enough. But they are always very kind when we are at the seminary. Very few of the faculty or staff have young children so when we show up we attract a crowd. Quite a few of the priests, professors and deacons visit our table to marvel at the kids. The rector always stops by and held Thomas this time. One of the assistants brought out coloring books and dealt out pages to color with crayons. We've even had seminarians from other countries ask to take our picture because there are no families our size where they come from. The girls didn't care for the dinner although it was quite good (steak with gravy, mushroom risotto and green beans), they jumped from the fruit salad to the desserts. I swear Teresa must have been full of cookies. And even though they didn't have the soft-serve running, the girls found the cones and munched on empty ice cream cones. It was a long day though and a bit of a late evening but the girls loved seeing the moon and stars on the way home!
19 months apart, but is it any wonder everyone asks me if they are twins?
Brigid learned she loves peanut butter but she will only eat with with her finger off of bread.  Of course.
On Thursday, Teresa's glasses were ready and I took her to pick them up. She looks so adorable in them. On the one hand, I'm sad she needs glasses so young and will have to have them (barring surgery) for the rest of her life. On the other hand, I am so, so, so grateful she has and is getting what she needs so early and quickly and before we started trying to teach her to read. 

 My parents flew in for a visit on Thursday and on Friday we began pulling the playground pieces out of the garage to put it all together. It is like putting together a giant puzzle.
 We hung the plastic parts in the tree so Rosie couldn't chew them.
A Playground Tree!
When Brigid is outside and we were working, I leashed Rosie so her exuberance wouldn't scare Brigid but once leashed she barked continuously, so I had to muzzle her. But Teresa comforted her.
 You can see her glasses transition to shades.
 On Saturday, James and my parents took Cecilia, Felicity, Elizabeth and Teresa to see the new Cinderella movie. I stayed home with Brigid and Thomas, both of whom would have been too difficult in a 2 hour film.
The cute little beanie Thomas wore the day he was born is now almost the right size to be a yarmulke. Boy those baby heads grow fast! 
Thomas is practicing sitting up, does many more push ups than I can do, and is getting close to crawling.

Happy Passion Sunday!

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