Friday, March 20, 2015

One Day....

One Day....

I will have all the ingredients ahead of time and plan wonderful, fantastic foods for every special feast day, birthday, anniversary and baptism day. 
I will have sparkling clean, crisp-smelling bathrooms. 
I will have clean, vacuumed crumb-free and stain-free carpets. 
I will have sofas with nothing under the cushions but what came when they were made.
I will have quiet-close kitchen cabinets and beautiful countertops.
I will have lovely tile and laminate floors that are scuff and stain free.
I will have a clean table with a lovely centerpiece free from fear of its destruction.
I will have chairs free of milk spots and dried preserves.
I will be able to set out my nice china and crystal and use them more than 2 or 3 times a year. 
I will be able to hang my Lenox "Baby First" Christmas ornaments on the tree.
I will be able to drink all of my tea while it is still hot.
I will be able to get through all of my prayers without being interrupted.
I will not referee any bickering or quarrels. 
I will read quietly for as long as I want when I want. 
I will sit down to eat.
I will shower without interruption or company.
I will use the bathroom with the door closed.
I will eat my entire meal while it is still hot. 
I will not find dirty underwear left on the floor.
I will not find clean clothes strewn all over the floor.
I will be able to go out whenever I want.
I will be able to sit down to a meal without cutting up someone else's food. 
I will have walls without crayon or pencil marks.
I will sleep all night without anyone waking me up.

But not today. 


I will laugh at jokes that don't make any sense.
I will enjoy tickled tummies.
I will stroke tiny precious baby feet.
I will close my eyes and feel small soft hands cup my cheeks.
I will give my baby a warm bath. 
I will play blocks and build towers so someone else can knock them down. 
I will color, maybe within the lines. 
I will remove training wheels and teach someone how to ride a two-wheel bike.
I will read someone else a story. 
I will explain what a Pronoun is and go over how to measure an angle. 
I will help someone else make macaroni and cheese. 
I will braid someone else's hair.
I will help someone get dressed in clean clothes.
I will sing someone sleepy.
I will breathe in the smell of baby powder and clean diapers.
I will joyfully receive hand-made pictures and cards.
I will kiss boo boos I can't even see.
I will clean up messes I didn't make.
I will help people forgive each other.
I will melt in an amateur back rub.
I will be kissed many times over.
I will smile at beautiful faces.

And I will thank Him.


  1. Thanks for these thoughts. Many sacrifices in motherhood, yet so many blessings as well.

    Also, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one whose chairs suffer from ever-recurring milk splatters!

  2. Beautifully said! I'm thinking the speckled milk stains on the legs of my chairs gives them a unique look :)

  3. I love this! Great reminders of what we are really doing with our lives. :)

  4. I've been so tired lately, I needed the reminder myself.

    Christine, not at all. One day I will sit down with all the chairs and wipe them all nice and clean but... not today. :) Today, as you said Kari, they will have a unique look. lol.

  5. Thanks everyone. :) Have a great weekend!