Sunday, April 26, 2015

Learning Notes XXIV

I didn't type up notes for every day last week, so these may be more of a summary than notes. Monday we had gym and AHG, so it was a long day. Tuesday we tried to get a nice amount of math, english and spelling done and then, in the afternoon, the girls began swimming lessons. Swimming went pretty well. Cecilia, who had been terrified of starting lessons again and said she would rather "stay in the car than drown" got super excited once she was in the water and had so much fun she didn't want to leave. Felicity was in the same class as a friend. Elizabeth was happy to get back in the water again. And Teresa had her first ever swimming lesson and absolutely loved it. She was hesitant to even get in the water at first until her instructor showed her she could stand and touch the bottom with no problem. Half-way through, Teresa called to me and said, "Mama, I swim! I swim!" So stinking cute! And she is taking lessons with her new best friend.

 We also learned to use the family locker rooms rather than the Women's General as a number of females seem to think everyone is comfortable with unnecessary nudity and don't seem to understand how a shower curtain works.
 We are taking the lessons with another family. We have figured out that between even just the two of our families, we could create our own swim lesson classes in the fall at our convenience. We are going to see if a couple of other Catholic homeschooling families might like to join.
 Wednesday we were trying to work on more math, english and spelling. And I was trying not to lose it. It had been one of those weeks... Monday was spilled milk in the morning and chocolate milk in the afternoon. Tuesday morning saw poop on the floor. Wednesday one of the girls (who was old enough to know better) threw bacon bits all over the living room floor. And then the planet had the nerve to bless our Earth Day with snow flurries all day long. I love snow but not in April. It was one of those weeks you just want to fast forward. So as Cecilia finished her work, she helped take over school with her sisters.
 Thursday we finished up any remaining bookwork and I went out with Thomas for his check up. I also went to Qdoba for lunch and had a quesadilla with chips and queso and a Mexican Coke.
 It was also the only day I didn't feel really tired. Thomas sleeps great during the day but his nights could be improved.

Friday we cleaned up, finished all the laundry and generally took it easy.

It wasn't our best week, but we did get some things accomplished. Frankly, while I don't regret taking the Catholic homeschooling gym class this Spring, I won't be doing it in the fall. Monday mornings are so important to our routine and our school and to lose all of Monday morning is difficult. I'm also desperately hoping my friend can get an AHG troop started nearby for the Fall. The 50 minute drive to AHG every two weeks is very tiresome and I know the Pathfinders needed a leader and I was probably the best one to do it under the circumstances, but I am looking forward to not needing to plan and keep up with the meetings like being a leader has required. I just have enough on my plate without it.

Oh, one other thing that happened this week was that I dealt with our first bullying situation.  I'm trying to look on the bright side that I made it over 9 years before it happened. Still never pleasant. Fortunately it isn't a girl we see often and the adults who are present when we do see her have been informed of the situation, been very apologetic, and have said they will speak to the girl as well as her mother and be more attentive to her in the future.
I will say though that I am proud of Cecilia for how she handled it. She never returned meanness nor did she get upset so as to give the girl any power over her. I'm heartily impressed, take no credit for any of it, and hope all my children will mature so well.

Last night I got very little sleep. Either I was dealing with Thomas or Brigid but they coordinated well so as to keep me awake most of the night. I'm desperately hoping to get some better sleep to start this week off well. And hopefully Cecilia won't need to make me another one of these:
 She was inspired by this:

No, the "please leave alone" sign didn't work. Clearly graphics are necessary for 2 and 4 year olds. :)

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