Monday, May 11, 2015

Down the Rabbit Hole of Human Anatomy and Bodily Illness

After our experience with "the plague" the girls had some interesting questions. "Why does everything taste different?" "Why are my hands and feet white and wrinkly?" So I thought it might be a good time to dive down the rabbit hole of human anatomy and illnesses.

I ordered a few books and the first to arrive was the DK First Reference Series: First Human Body Encyclopedia, which provided a good overview. Cecilia was particularly interested in it and took the initiative to begin looking through it, making notes, and copying diagrams.
 It even led to a discussion about a cell, what it is, that there are different kinds in the body and what the nucleus is. And it introduced DNA.
 It turns out that the loss of taste is a possible symptom of Norovirus. (That was from Wikipedia, not the book though.)
 The book did however talk about bacteria, viruses, the immune system and ways the body defends itself.

Arriving in the same box was the SmartLab Toys Squishy Human Body. Cecilia and Elizabeth seemed particularly fascinated with it. You use plastic tweezers to remove 9 squishy organs, 10 plastic bones or sets of bones, and 2 plastic muscles. You place them on the paper with the name of each and then put them all back together again. It was quite a favorite activity, particularly for Cecilia and Elizabeth. I'm sorry I never got a picture of them actually using it, but here it is:

We watched a youtube video about how viruses spread and attack the body.

A day or two later, The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body arrived.

Really it was a fun rabbit hole and interesting too and I apologize it has taken me so crazy long to get this post up. My bad. :/

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