Sunday, May 10, 2015

Learning Notes XXVI

Thomas loves practicing standing. And chewing anything and everything.
Monday, May 4th, St. Florian, "May the Fourth"
With all of Thomas' recent milestones and new teeth, it is no wonder nighttimes are less than exceptionally restful. (I forgot to mention on my last post that, on Saturday, he pulled himself up standing for the first time. So just before bedtime I did an emergency lowering-of-the-crib mattress.) So while we did go to gym in the morning, Cecilia stayed home with some congestion and did her handwriting, geography and a math lesson. James stayed home with her and Thomas while Thomas got a much needed nap. I took the other four to gym. Teresa has a friend there that she adores. Actually the two are almost like little twins. They both are endlessly curious, cute and causing trouble and even with matching glasses!
But we came straight home afterwards since Teresa had an 11:15 eye doctor check up. I made the girls sandwiches for lunch and James took Teresa to her appointment. The glasses are helping. Her initial results were 20/40 and 20/100- (the minus meaning between 100 and 125). Her right eye is now 20/30 but her left has only improved to 20/100, so she will have to wear a patch over her good eye for 4-6 hours per day to make her weaker eye work harder. She came home with french fries, stickers, cartoons on daddy's phone and declared herself a pirate! That's my girl!
In the afternoon we did religion. This lesson was all about the sacrament of Confession, aka Reconciliation, aka Penance. We went over the stories of the Prodigal Son and the Lost Sheep as well as the requirements for Confession and the steps of making a good one. We even play-acted through one so Felicity could get an idea what it is like. Cecilia was super excited to play the priest but it is a good thing she can't be one. For Felicity's first confession, Cecilia gave her a penance of 20 Hail Marys.
After dinner, I piled Cecilia, Felicity, Elizabeth and Thomas in the car and we drove down to AHG. Felicity made clay sculptures for her Artistic badge, Cecilia learned about fire safety and "Leave No Trace" for her Fire Safety and Camping badges, and Elizabeth made a fishing rod of a chopstick, string and paperclips and fished for paper fish she colored with magnets stuck to the back. Elizabeth also completed all the requirements for her Fanny Crosby level Award.
These double gym/AHG Mondays are long.
Thomas asleep with "Marshmallow" the Polar Bear on guard. 

Tuesday, May 5th, Cinqo de Mayo
After a long Monday, we did our best to get a nice amount of school work done. Cecilia did her english and a math lesson. Elizabeth did half of her math and Felicity did four pages of math. I was hoping the girls might get a bit more done but it was hardly a wasted morning.
The afternoon we just played or read and I worked in the backyard to secure the bottom of one section of fence where Rosie had been digging to meet the neighbor's dog's nose between fences. And I discovered this beauty growing along our fence:
Then we had swimming lessons.

Wednesday, May 6th
Wednesday Cecilia impressed me finishing all her Spelling and math for the week! Felicity finished her math and did her spelling. Elizabeth finished her math and handwriting. I was so excited my planner for the new school year arrived and I spent some relaxing time just coloring the title page:
Thomas munching puffs.
I just cannot get enough of his smile! Just want to gobble him up!
Thursday, May 7th
In the morning Felicity finished her english and Elizabeth finished her english and spelling.

Much of the afternoon was spent outside.

Friday, May 8th

Friday morning I worked on a second bottom section of the fence securing it for/from the dog.
Thomas marveling at Rosie.
It's okay, Thomas, she baffles all of us.
It was actually quite warm by the afternoon, near 80, so the girls played outside some, especially with the sprinkler and the water table, but they took breaks inside with some video games. 

Saturday, May 9th
I completed 3 more sections of fence. Here are 4 of the sections:
2 sections I've used 4x4 boards and the other 3 have been border stones that I'm removing from around the patio. I have enough stones to secure 6 more fence sections and several that still need to be done.

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