Saturday, June 13, 2015

Felicity's First Holy Communion

 On Sunday, May 7th, Felicity received her First Holy Communion. It was a wonderful day and she looked beautiful.
 She picked out the dress herself. She wanted a "princess" dress, so hence the puffy sleeves and waist (contrasting Cecilia's which was an A Line). I loved the belt of roses though and thought it fit Felicity perfectly.
 The first half of Mass wasn't too difficult but it was tiring. My dad held Teresa, who he admitted was a handful. Shortly thereafter though, Teresa came to me. And then nothing I did was keeping Thomas happy. He was so overtired the only way I can get him asleep when he is that overtired is to nurse him to sleep, but his sisters wouldn't let him sleep. So I thought a fresh pair of arms might help him, so I passed him to my dad. And then it was time for Felicity to receive her First Holy Communion. And Teresa saw her. "Want Icity! Want Daddy! Want Icity! She's my friend! I want to go!" I could see from a distance Felicity receiving but I couldn't get a picture I was so busy juggling the little ones. When we went to receive communion, she saw daddy, she saw Felicity and then she saw others receiving communion. "I big! I want some!" I carried her back to the pew and then she said she had to go potty. After the potty run she insisted she wanted daddy and I was worn out, so I took her up to James and then went back with Brigid to my parents, Thomas, Cecilia and Elizabeth.

 As the Corpus Christi procession went by, Thomas fell asleep in my lap, which was why I was able to get a picture of Felicity as she went by.

  Teresa marched with Daddy around the block in the procession, during which the wind blew off Felicity's veil, so James held onto it. But he said Teresa was great during the procession, though she wanted to walk up with Felicity. She even held her hands in a praying position. So cute!
With her transition lenses, she looks like she is just hanging out, with Jesus passing by. :)
 Teicity's veil, so James held onto it. But he said Teresa was great during the procession, though she wanted to walk up with Felicity.

 Afterwards we went to her favorite restaurant for lunch, Red Robin, and them home for cookie cake and presents.
She was so beautiful and so happy and we are so proud of her and happy for her. God Bless my Sweet Felicity


  1. I am so late posting but congrats Felicity! I agree the First Communicants should have gotten to sit with their families. We did have an interesting thing happened at First Communion last year at our old parish. They allowed families to sit together and this one family had only 3 kids (one whom was a baby) but to fit the First Communicant, a child just one year younger, both parents, both sets of grandparents, Godparents, all his aunts and uncles and cousins...let me just say the one pew assigned was not big enough and instead of finding other seats for the aunts, uncles cousins etc, in other parts of the church they first tried to sit in other families' pews! The DRE intervened and by the time they were more than two of them could find seats together and then one of the grandmothers chewed the priest out about it after mass! (It's one of the reasons I kind of like having a separate mass just for First Communion like I had ...because some people!). I know it was stressful for you to have to sit so separated. I thought maybe that story would make you feel better.You handled a difficult situation much better than that family did and with a LOT more grace!

  2. Kristen, frankly I think a separate mass for First Communicants makes sense and I believe our parish did that for the school first communicants but for some reason not with the homeschool ones. I know our previous parish did separate Masses for all First communicants when Cecilia received. I think our parish is still figuring out how to deal with homeschoolers... it is new territory for many parishes. But yeah, that was totally inappropriate for that family! :)