Monday, July 6, 2015

Now She Is Six

On June 24th, my sweet Elizabeth turned 6 years old. James was out of town at a conference but she got the day off from any school work or chores and got to play some video games before Daddy flew home and we all met for dinner at Red Robin, her choice.

On Saturday, as she requested, we had a birthday party. We invited over a few families for fruit, hotdogs, chips, baked beans and cupcakes. She asked for a piñata and a minion theme.

The kids had fun with the piñata and everyone did get at least one turn before it caved (pun intended).
She requested chocolate cupcakes and since one of the families who came are gluten-free, James tried his hand at GF chocolate cupcakes and homemade icing - they came out quite good!
Their goody bags included Minion Googles, hence her fancy head gear. :)
 The kids played "Pin the Gru Patch on the Minion" and in the backyard and playroom before we opened presents.
She got some board games, lego sets, a couple of shirts, and several craft projects, all of which have kept her quite busy.
One of her gifts was the game Mouse Trap. When the girls first played it and finally got to the part of catching the mice, they used my phone to film it in slow motion. Too fun!

Happy 6th Birthday, Elizabeth!!!


  1. Happy birthday to her! She's only a couple months older than my oldest. Has she learned how to read yet? Lucia really wants to, but hasn't quite got it yet. Looks like a fun party!

    1. Thanks! Yes, it really clicked for her last summer and she mainly read picture books in the fall and winter but last month she finished her first chapter book. Reading definitely came easier to her though than either of my first two - they have all been different. :)