Thursday, October 8, 2015

Learning Notes XXXVI - September

I'm sorry I've been so negligent of this blog. It isn't totally my fault though. We had our catch up week but I spent that week sick, fairly miserable and preferring not to move. The week after that we picked back up school but several of the kids got sick, so while we did get work done, there were the added demands and struggles of sick kids. I should have caught up the week after that - last week - but I was blissfully absorbed in all things Pope Francis in the USA and took the girls to a museum. So, forgive me, but this Leaning Notes will catch me up on the previous four weeks.

During our catch up week we celebrated Mary's birthday with a cake and a crown of strawberries. 
And we sang Happy Birthday to her.

I was took it easy and spent a bit of time coloring a picture of St. George slaying the dragon for a friend of a friend who is battling cancer for the 9th time in the last 18 years - so please say a prayer for Jennifer!
Since I was sick, we mainly took it easy. Thomas has become my little tiger. He is actually the quietest, mellowest, easiest baby I've ever seen, but he adores his tiger!
I moved up Brigid's clothes from the 2T/24 months up to the 3T and she discovered the princess night gowns.

I was really impressed to see how Teresa's coloring has improved!
Unfortunately, after my week of sickness, the kids got it too. Brigid got it.
Thomas got it and even now still has a bit of a cough.
The older three held out longer and were able to go to the AHG Service Day Beach Clean Up.

We cleaned up part of the beach along Lake Michigan near Kenosha. Mostly it was cigarette butts but there was some plastic as well.

It was a gorgeous day for it!
We did all out usual school week both he week the kids got sick as well as the week after minus sewing and a bit of cooking. We read through DK's book on Ancient Egypt and began watching Ancient Egypt Unearthed, 5 episodes on ancient Egypt. And just for fun we watched Steve Martin's SNL skit "King Tut". We talked about when King Tut and the artifacts from his tomb toured the U.S. in the 80s and then we listened to "Walk Like An Egyptian." We also began reading Tales of Ancient Egypt by Roger Green. We are about halfway through the book.

We did have to slow down a bit. Between my sickness and then the kids, it took two weeks longer than I intended to get to the Milwaukee Public Museum.
The entrance has the bones of a Woolly Mammoth. But we went straight up to the top floor for the exhibit on the ancient civilizations which tied in perfectly with both our history as well as our science studies. All the kids loved it!
There were artifacts from ancient Rome,
Artifacts of cuniform and early forms of counting,
a model replica of ancient Jerusalem,
a replica of the Rosetta Stone,
artifact canoptic jars,
and an actual mummy with his sarcophagus.

There was a replica for a Greek soldier's attire and a Persian archer's attire.
From there we toured the rest of the museum. I loved this display on Catholic India,
and the pottery from Vietnam was beautiful!
Some of the asian artifacts were most impressive.
Brigid's favorite part were her bears...
All of them. :)
I tried to get a group shot inside the igloo.

The area of north western North America had a tree display the girls decided to test for any weaknesses by climbing.
In the ocean section they pretended to be underwater.
We stopped by the gift shop where they pretended to be pharaohs. Sweet...
and serious.

And since the weather cooled off, the kids have been having a lot of fun playing outside when their coughs aren't acting up.

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