Sunday, November 29, 2015

What We've Been Up To/Felicity's 8th Birthday! - Update in Photos

A friend gave us a size 2T Tigger costume but the size was not going to stop Teresa. 
 At a local Catholic girls club meeting, Teresa made the acquaintance of an outdoor cat. Which she did not want to let go of. At all.
 I've told her maybe we can see about getting a cat in a couple of years.

Conversations with Brigid, and a bit of Teresa:

I took all 6 kids with me to my endocrinology appointment. They received compliments on their behavior and actually gave the doctor the spinning stool when she came in! :)

Brigid and her coloring:

I went to a Catholic women's conference and got to hear Patrick Madrid

And Jennifer Fulwiler.
I would have liked to meet her but she was busy and I already owned her book so I would have felt bad taking up her time.
Thomas is getting better and better at walking:

My dad brought an extra rug my parents had for the girls' Lego area... Much nicer than the cold concrete!
We introduced my dad to Culvers, which Thomas also enjoyed.
Thomas, spaghetti-faced:
Felicity and Elizabeth would sleep together every night if we let them, but they are cute when they have sleepovers.
My dad and I took the three oldest to a local production of James and the Giant Peach.
Even at the end of November, the roses were in bloom outside a local church:
I had to laugh when Brigid saw the three flags inside he church, intend to the one in the middle and said, "My flag!"
Spaghetti party found on my bookshelf:
We also celebrated Felicity's birthday! She requested an ice cream cake:
We went to a local hotel that had an indoor water park. She wanted to go to a water park and Wisconsin in November this was the best I could do but it was a lot of fun. We spent about 2 hours with the older ones going down the water slides and floating on the lazy river and the little ones splashing in the wading pools. Only Thomas didn't care for it. He didn't like how cool the water could be, all the noise, or the fact this was all during his regularly scheduled morning nap, so he got a basic tour and then took a nap in his stroller. We had lunch at Ruby Tuesdays (which tasted very good but has gotten more expensive less food). Then we went home for cake and presents.

Per her request, she got a violin. We actually know a family who play the violin but we aren't sure if she needs to know how to read music first or if that would come with the lessons. Still inquiring.
She completed two sticker stain glass and alternates which one hangs on our back door:
I made a last attempt to rake the back yard before the snow hit. In the rain. While Thomas napped. And the others were occupied with paints. The aftermath:
The victory:
The outdoor shower:
As autumn neared it ends, the last of the trees seemed to catch the sunset one day such that they seemed to be on fire:
It was gorgeous:

And then we finally had our first snowfall of the season:

I do so wish we had a mud/laundry room:

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