Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving Week

As per our annual tradition, we celebrated the feast of St. Cecilia with our chocolate/vanilla wafer piano.

Felicity spent time doing one of her Master Kit art sets. They are really neat. They provide pastels, stencils and 2 sheets of nice quality paper as well as instructions inspiration to help the child make their own copy of a classic work of art. This one was of Monet's lillipads.

 Honestly, it looked like so much fun I wanted to do one myself.
 We took off from school all week and permitted video games after all the chores were done and the whole house was cleaned. Brigid played on an iPod under a blanket on top of a baby doll bed.
 Wednesday I made a homemade apple pie and tried my first latticed top of pine trees encircling three snowflakes.
 Came out pretty and yummy.
 Poor Thomas fell during his bath and it wasn't a bad fall but two of his teeth did cut into his lower lip leaving it swollen and bleeding. We tried ice water but after he toddled around and fell and hurt his lip again I went with a candy cane and that seemed to do the trick.
 Thanksgiving was fun and very yummy and it was quite fortunate we ate our big meal midday because we lost power twice later in the afternoon. And devoid of electricity dessert came naturally by candlelight.
 And because I can't get enough Thomas pictures:
 I found Kermit the frog behind my recliner like this...
 It looks like someone ran over him with the closet door. lol.
 On Sunday I told the girls to get in the car and Teresa said, "But it's FROZEN!"

And I got the outside lights up! I've been missing them since we moved the clocks and it got so dark so early. 

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